Tips For Beating Live Dealer Games Online

Online casinos are great fun but nothing beats the thrill of being in an actual casino. This is why live dealer games are massively popular with online casino players. What are live dealer games, you ask, and how do you beat them? You start by reading this article.

What Exactly Are Live Dealer Games?

Live dealer games are a relatively new feature of some online casino operators. Blackjack, roulette, and baccarat are the most common games played under the live dealer guise. You log into your online casino account, find the relevant section, and fire them up.

A live high-definition video stream opens up on your screen, a video stream from a studio that is set up to look like the inside of a lavish casino. You could easily be sat playing at Crown Melbourne or Star Sydney but you are physically located at home on your laptop or on the move on your mobile phone!

All the traditional bet options are on your screen much like you expect from an online casino. However, you place bets on games actually taking place, not in a virtual sense. For example, a roulette croupier spins the wheel and the footage is beamed to your device. It is the same for blackjack and baccarat; physical cards are dealt before your eyes.

Are Their Any Major Differences Between These and Traditional Games?

Live dealer games play the exact same way as their virtual counterparts. However, there are a few subtle difference.

The slower game speed is the first difference that is instantly noticeable. Where virtual roulette flies through games at a rate of knots, the live versions take longer. This is due to the game physically taking place in a live setting. It is a similar story for all live dealer games.

The slower pace of the game reduces the casino’s ability to make money. The casino negates this lower income by increasing the minimum bet size. Those stakes vary from casino to casino, but expect a significant increase in costs. For example, a casino with $0.10 min-stakes in its virtual games may have a $0.50 or $1 min-stake for its live dealer games. Bear this in mind when playing games because they effect bankroll management.

In addition, these games tend not to award loyalty points or count towards clearing bonuses. This is because of the increased costs of hosting the games and paying the dealers.

Finally, the interaction you can have with the dealers make these games fantastic fun. Some of the dealers love talking directly to you and answering questions you pose via the chat feature. I have had many long conversations with dealers while playing roulette. I have even enjoyed quizzes with them while playing blackjack!

How Do You Beat These Games?

Live dealer games are beatable just like the virtual versions because they are essentially the same games. Take away the fancy HD broadcast and immaculately dressed croupiers, and everything is the same.

This means basic blackjack strategy works wonders at these tables. Do not divert from this tried and tested strategy and you stand a great chance of winning. Furthermore, the house edge drops to around 0.5%.

The same is true for roulette and baccarat live dealer games. Consider placing outside bets when playing at the roulette tables. These pay even money but are far more likely to happen than betting on a single number. Also consider the popular call bets to cover many numbers at once. Tiers, voisins du zero, and orphelins bets can be costly but cover several numbers. Tiers needs six chips, voisins requires nine chips, with orphelins needing eight chips.

As always, follow proper bankroll management regardless of your betting style. Above all, have fun because that is what casino games are all about.