Live Dealer Casinos & Reviews Australia 2024

Live Dealer Casinos are one of the best things to have emerged in the gambling world over the last few years. Many casino operators now offer table games with live dealers, giving punters the casino vibe from the comfort of their own home.

Live dealer casinos offer blackjack, baccarat, roulette, Sic Bo and other table games with live hosts. In other words, they are real people, interacting with you in real time, and you can even play with other punters.

At Internet Pokies, we have a selection of live dealer casino reviews, which give you the lowdown on the experience individual operators offer. We also go into detail below on the different elements of live dealer casinos, so you can make an informed choice.

Top Australian Live Online Casinos - May 2024


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Joe Fortune

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Dundee Slots Casino

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Ozwin Casino

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Learn the differences between an online and live casino

What are Live Dealer Casinos?

Live Dealer Casinos are casinos which mainly use the live host approach for their table games. Many casinos offer at least a few live dealer casino games, but use single-player software for most of their selection.

The reverse is also true. Live casinos may give punters the chance to play some software-based games, but there are heaps of live dealer games to enjoy.

The main difference is in the real money experience. When you play a table game powered by casino software, you can play for free or for real money. Since live casinos involve play with other people, they can only be played for real money.

The rest of the experience is the same. There will still be more real money pokies than anything else, banking will be done the same way, and both will still offer the same kinds of casino bonuses and promotions.

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Pros & Cons of Live Dealer Casinos

As with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to a live dealer casino. Reviews are one way of choosing the right casino for you, but we’ve also outlined the main pros and cons of live dealer casinos, below.

Advantages of Live Dealer Casinos

A key advantage to live dealer casinos is the atmosphere it creates of a land-based casino. As well as being able to watch the croupier’s every move, live casinos provide background sounds such as other people talking, gaming tables and so on.

Many players enjoy the social interaction, talking with other players and the dealer. Ordinary online casinos don’t have that, making playing there rather a solitary experience. Live dealer casinos, on the other hand, provide the perfect combination some element of socialisation, but from a distance.

Another advantage is that live casinos do not use random number generators (RNG). As with traditional casinos, there are real dealers using authentic equipment – so no need for RNGs.

Disadvantages of Live Dealer Casinos

If live dealer casinos are so good, why even bother with regular computer-based casinos? Well, there are a few minor disadvantages.

Live dealer casinos use more Internet data due to streaming live video to the player. This means players should probably only play live dealer casino games at home. Playing over mobile data could get very expensive.

Finally, the bets tend to be a little higher with live dealer casino games. As the operating costs are higher, the minimum bet tends to be higher than you’d find with normal online versions. However, they still tend to be lower than in a land-based casino.

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Games at Live Dealer Casinos

The games at live dealer casinos make the casinos what they are. Rather than simulations of table games, they are the real thing, facilitated by an on-camera dealer in a studio and broadcast over the internet. Punters bet on outcomes from their computers or mobiles, the game is played in real-time, and winners have money added to their casino accounts. Since they are run through a live casino, they are just as safe to play as anything else you’d find there.

Because of the format of games at live dealer casinos, there are some games you can play that you wouldn’t see elsewhere online. Would you believe that you can play Monopoly or Deal or No Deal at live dealer casinos? That said, there are some table games that simply don’t work in the live dealer format, so make sure you can play what you want before signing up to live dealer casinos.

Live dealer casinos are heaps of fun. They capture the feeling of playing at an in-person casino much better than software can, and they offer punters something different to enjoy.

Some of the more common live dealer games are:



It may seem complicated, but baccarat is actually one of the easiest games to play at live dealer casinos. The majority of baccarat is the punto banco version. All punters have to do is bet on whether they think the player or banker hand will win, or if it will be a tie. While the game still has rules about cards being added to each hand, the dealer will take care of everything. This can make baccarat seem far less intimidating to new players.

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There are heaps of different versions of poker, so finding your favourite kind shouldn’t be a challenge. Every type of poker can be played with just you and the dealer, but if you want to make things more fun, you can also play against other punters.

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Like everywhere else, blackjack is an incredibly popular game at live dealer casinos. Everyone knows how to play blackjack, and it’s as fun as ever. One neat detail is that just like at an in-person casino, the dealer draws cards from multiple decks. Heaps of punters can play blackjack at once, making it far more social and engaging than it normally would be at an online casino.

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In our eyes, roulette is the best live dealer casino game because it’s so exciting. With an actual roulette wheel and table used to play, the live dealer casinos version is exactly how you would experience it in-person. Like poker, there are a few different varieties available, so you’ll be able to enjoy your version of choice.

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sic bo

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a simple dice game. Like craps, it’s based on chance. The table has a bet chart, in a similar way that roulette does. The punter places their chips on an outcome and the dice are rolled. If the outcome matches your bet, you win. As with all games of chance, the excitement comes from having zero control over the outcome.

Live Dealer Games

Tips on Playing at Live Dealer Casinos

You need to bear in mind that not all live dealer casinos are created equal. We have some tips for you to consider when deciding which casino you wish to play out.


This is where our live dealer casino reviews come into play. You want your money and data to be 100% safe and for the games to be fair. Each of our live dealer casino reviews checks that out for you, so you can be sure a recommended casino here has a good rep.

Available games

Look at the number of games a site offers and the variety available. If you’re looking for a live poker game but there’s only one to choose from, then maybe that’s not the casino for you. Selecting a casino that offers you choice and a high standard of games is essential for a great live dealer casino experience.


Are you a high roller? Do you like to stretch your bankroll with smaller bets? Check out the bet limits of the live dealer casinos before joining. Some providers will offer the smaller end of the scale, and others the higher end. However, the majority sit somewhere in-between. Make sure you’re satisfied with the options.


One of the elements we cover in our live dealer casino reviews is customer support. We know it is important to have good support once you’ve joined a casino, just in case something goes awry.

Mobile live dealer casinos

The mobile version of the casino is important for many. While playing live dealer games on a mobile using roaming data could be costly, the option to play in different parts of the home is attractive. Once again, we cover this element in our live dealer casino reviews, so check them out.

Wagering Requirements

Live dealer casinos are no different to other online casinos in that bonuses come with a wagering requirement. As with bet limits, you need to be aware of the requirement before you start playing. There’s no point in taking a bonus only to find your bankroll won’t allow you to meet the wagering requirement.

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Software Providers

As with real money pokies and other casino games, providers supply each game to live dealer casinos.  There are only a few companies focusing on live dealer games at the moment, with Evolution Gaming being at the forefront. This award-winning developer exclusively creates games for live dealer casinos, and many would argue they’re the best.

While other developers like Vivo Gaming, Playtech, Lucky Streak and Authentic create quality live casino software, most of what’s out there was developed by Evolution. Even in such a new category, the variety and numbers of their games simply can’t be beaten.

We take a look at some of the top providers:

Provider Pros Cons
Evolution Gaming Standard and VIP tables; Multi-game play; Real-time stats None we can see at the moment
Authentic Gaming Streamed from land-based casinos; Multiple roulette versions Only English-speaking dealers
Playtech Native tables in different languages; Wide variety of games None of note
NetEnt Live Great graphics and UX; Supports iOS and Android; Excellent stream quality Only blackjack and roulette variants

If you want to know which software providers are behind the games for a specific casino, check out our live dealer casino reviews.


Bonuses and Promotions at Live Dealer Casinos

As we mentioned above, live dealer casinos handle bonuses exactly the same as regular online casinos do. Punters can generally expect a live casino to have a welcome bonus and a few other types of deposit bonus. Remember, live dealer casinos let punters play pokies and other types of casino games, so it makes sense that how they handle bonuses isn’t much different from regular online casinos.

Our live dealer casino reviews will always have a section about the bonuses available to punters at any given online casino. While live dealer casinos have a different game selection, they stick pretty close to the normal casino model. Even if they don’t directly apply to live dealer casino games, promotions like free spins and match bonuses are still available.

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Live Dealer Casino FAQs

Do I need to download anything to play?

You do not need to download any software to play at live dealer casinos. They are streamed from the casino of choice to your device over the internet, so all you need is a browser and good internet connection. Some casinos may offer an app that you can play live dealer casino games through, but you don’t need to download or install them to play. That said, some casinos offer a special one-time casino bonus to players who install their app, so even though you don’t need it, you might want it.

What other live dealer casino games are there?

As the live casino space gets bigger, more people will be looking for different types of games. In addition to the games listed above, you may also be able to find live dealer versions of Craps, Wheel of Fortune and Bingo.

Why should I try playing at a live casino?

Live casinos are really unique because they mix the in-person casino experience with the convenience of playing at an online casino. Since you can play with other punters, they’ve also introduced a social element to online casinos that wasn’t really there before. In the big picture, they offer a real-world example of how our available technology can innovate within the online gaming space. It might just be an interactive video feed, but it’s progress towards whatever’s coming next.

Can I play at live dealer casinos for free initially?

There are a growing number of sites that offer free live dealer demos. However, these are very much in the minority. You can, of course, try the non-live version of a game beforehand to ensure you understand the rules of the game.

What happens if the live dealer makes a mistake or the connection is lost?

If anything goes wrong with your experience, the pit supervisor of the live dealer casino will do everything they can to reinstate the game correctly. Live dealer casinos record every step in the game; that makes it easy to spot and correct a mistake. Depending on the live dealer casinos’ policies, a player who disconnects may incur a loss in the round they played.

Why should I try playing at live dealer casinos?

Live casinos are really unique because they mix the in-person casino experience with the convenience of playing online. Since you can play with other punters, they’ve also introduced a social element that wasn’t really there before. In the big picture, they offer a real-world example of how our available technology can innovate within the online gaming space. It might just be an interactive video feed, but it’s progress towards whatever’s coming next.