Australia’s Adrian Attenborough Reaches WSOP Main Event Final Table

Australia's Adrian Attenborough has reached the final table of the 2022 World Series of Poker where US$10 million awaits the champion.

We are all about pokies and casino games here at, but we simply have to share some incredible news with you. Everyone knows Australians love poker, and many head to Las Vegas each year for the WSOP Main Event. Adrian Attenborough not only entered but reached the final table.

Attenborough hails from Smithfield, Australia, but resides in Las Vegas. The 28-year-old moved to Las Vegas to continue his professional poker career. It is high-stakes cash games where Attenborough is usually found, but he is adept at poker tournaments, too. His Hendon Mob profile shows eight outright victories and US$1,460,049 in earnings. That impressive sum ranks Attenborough 26th from every Australian poker player. He finds himself ahead of Daniel Laidlaw, Robert Campbell, and Jackie Glazier. However, he has some distance to make up to catch Michael Addamo at the top of rankings.

The popular pro is guaranteed US$675,000 right now, which is his largest-ever prize. However, emerging from the WSOP Main Event victoriously comes with a US$10 million top payout. That is enough to catapult Attenborough into third place in the Aussie all-time money list.

Attenborough Is Sixth In Chips at the Restart

The 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event final table kicks off at 14:00 local time on July 15. Ten players sit down and fight it out for that US$10 million top prize. Attenborough has 50,800,000 chips, which are enough for sixth place when the cards are back in the air.

Attenborough will be the second Australian to win the WSOP Main Event if he comes out on top. Joe Hachem triumphed in 2005 and won US$7,500,000 for his efforts. He is not worried that he comes from a cash game background and is simply enjoying himself in this event.

“I am having fun. It’s the best spot to be in. I don’t really think about different game formats, I just focus on game theory concepts. Maybe my short stack game is a bit rusty but we’ll see how that goes.”

The pressure of having huge sums of money on the line is not fazing Attenborough. It is helping him thrive, if anything. Two big plays during the penultimate day’s action showcased Attenborough’s skills.

First, he ran an audacious bluff with nothing but six-high, forcing Matija Dobric to fold the best hand. He would have busted has Dobric found a call.

Second, he called down Dobric in a huge pot with only top pair. The board was scary, but Attenborough called down his opponent and soared to almost 79 million chips. He lost some ground later but is still in a healthy position going into the final table.

Who Is The Final Table Favourite?

Espen Jorstad is the joint chip leader going into the final table. Jorstad is a Norwegian who lives in London and, like Attenborough, is a cash game player by trade. Most state Jorstad is the favourite due to his large stack, favourable seat draw, and obvious skills.

However, British pro John Eames is only a handful of chips ahead of Attenborough and is widely regarded as the best poker player at the final table. Eames claims he plans to retire from poker if he wins the US$10 million top prize.

It is anyone’s game once those cards are in the air. They battle it out until four players remain. The tournament paused until Saturday and resumes until a champion is crowned. Good luck to everyone, but especially Attenborough!

Place Player Country Chips Big Blinds
1 Espen Jorstad Norway 83,200,000 69
2 Matthew Su United States 83,200,000 69
3 Matija Dobric Croatia 68,650,000 57
4 Aaron Duczak Canada 56,000,000 47
5 John Eames United Kingdom 54,950,000 46
6 Adrian Attenborough Australia 50,800,000 42
7 Michael Duek United States 49,775,000 41
8 Jeffrey Farnes United States 35,350,000 29
9 Asher Conniff United States 24,400,000 20
10 Philippe Souki United Kingdom 13,500,000 11