What Is The Dress Code When Visiting a Casino?

Casinos around the world have a dress code that all staff and patrons must adhere to. Which of these styles and codes have you heard of?

There is no dress code for online casino players. You do not even have to put pants on if you so wish! However, it is a different story entirely when you leave you home and pay a visit to a live casino. Some casinos have a strict dress code, while others are more relaxed.

Everyone is impeccably dressed in tuxedos and designer dresses whenever you see casinos in the movies. You do not need to pretend you are in a James Bond movie for a night of gambling! While it is more than acceptable to dress up to the nines when heading to Crown Melbourne, you usually do not have to.

What Is The Dress Code At Your Local Casino?

Every casino has a website that has a wealth of information at your fingertips. The casino’s dress code will likely have a dedicated section. It is worthwhile checking the casino’s website or calling the front desk before you travel.

Most casinos alter their dress code depending on the time of day. For example, they become more formal once the sun goes down. Again, check with the property before you plan your roulette session.

There are some faux pas regardless of the time of day or the casino you are visiting. Flip flops are a definite no-no, as are dirty clothes or workwear; do not arrive from your job on a building site and expect them to let you in.

It is worth considering what non-gambling activities you want to enjoy while at the casino. Certain bars and restaurants have a different dress code from the rest of the casino, for example.

A general rule of thumb states: you should dress nicer the more high-dollar a casino is.

What Do The Different Dress Codes Mean?

It is all well and good learning a casino’s dress code, but what do they mean? What is the difference between business formal and white tie? What on Earth is smart casual?

White Tie is the highest level of formality and extremely rare in casinos and other industries. A white tie dress code is reserved for rare, special occasions that sometimes feature royalty.

Black Tie is the next most formal dress code and still very rare for a casino to demand you to dress like this. However, special events, fundraisers, etc are often black-tie affairs. A dinner jacket and matching trousers are required for men, with floor-length gowns or elegant cocktail dresses for women.

A more common dress code is business formal, which is the type of clothing you wear for an office job. This is a safe bet if you do not know the dress code for a casino. It is the best of both worlds: you won’t look over nor underdressed. In addition, it is comfortable enough that you won’t mind spending an evening in it.

Business casual is a great option for what to wear to the casino on a normal day. What is it? It is how most dress for white-collar office jobs or holiday parties. You know, when you want to look nice but not like you have tried too hard!

What About Accessories?

Casinos have different rules for accessories. For example, the Venetian Macau does not allow sunglasses, any hats, or shorts at any time of the day, yet you can visit Star Sydney wearing all three.

Many people like carrying bags with them wherever they go. However, there are many casinos that do not allow large bags on the property. Large bags are stored in the cloakroom, mostly for security reasons. Expect security to thoroughly check your bag, regardless of its size, if you insist on taking one to the casino.