Fly Away on a Magic Carpet with Arabian Spins

Arabian Spins is an Aladdin-themed online poker machine from the excellent Booming Games studio. Read our impartial review.

Obtaining official licences from movies and television networks for an online pokie does not come cheap. Indeed, they often run into millions of dollars, making them prohibitive from the start. What do you do if you want a certain theme but cannot afford the licence? You make a blatant copy like Booming Games did with Arabian Spins and put it in an online casino!

Arabian Spins is as close to Aladdin as you can get without calling it Aladdin. There is a magic carpet, a monkey that looks very much like Abu, a genie, lamps, and a flying carpet! Arabian Spins looks and sounds like Aladdin but does it play as good as the feature film or cartoon equivalent? Find out in our impartial review.

Arabian Spins Fundamentals

Booming Games copied the Aladdin theme but everything else is their own work. The game runs on a 3×3 layout which is far removed from a traditional 5×3 board or most other machines. Arabian Spins comes with ten win lines that, on occasion, run both ways, leading to some doubled prizes. Ten win lines on such a small layout mean every horizontal combination is covered.

The house edge of this machine is only 3.45% thanks to a 96.55% Return To Player. Throw into the mix a low-to-medium variance maths model and you have the perfect recipe for a recreational player-friendly pokie.

You can bet as little as $0.10 and as much as $500. Those amounts make the maximum possible win of 547x weigh in at $54.70 to $273,500. However, it is unlikely anyone playing $500 spins will grind away on Arabian Spins for such a low maximum win.

What Are The Arabian Spins Symbols

You already know Arabian Spins is an Aladdin copy, so all the symbols follow suit. The game only pays when you match three symbols due to the 3×3 layout. A Fez, basket, and scimitar are the lower-value symbols. Three of the latter pays 0.70x.

The monkey and Aladdin pay 2.00x and 2.50x, but the diamond wilds are the game’s most valuable symbols, paying 7.70x.

Symbol Three of a kind
Wilds 7.70x
Aladdin 2.50x
Monkey 2.00x
Scimitar 0.70x
Basket 0.50x
Fez 0.30x

Two other symbols are key to Arabian Spins: a genie lamp and a magic carpet. More on these fun symbols shortly.

What Are The Game’s Bonuses and Features?

Arabian Spins comes with three cool features including the chance to gamble your winnings. The gamble feature is a simple 50-50, so does not need any explaining.

The other features involve the diamond wilds and genie lamps. Three genie lamps start the free spins round. Ten free spins are all yours when three lamps land. Retriggers are possible. Our foray into the free spins world ended with a 145.20x win thanks to retriggering them.

Landing three wilds not only pays 7.70x but makes the next ten wins pay both ways on the win line. It is a cool feature that adds some genuine excitement.

Look out for the magic carpet emblazoned with x7 because it multiplies wins by x7 when it completes winning spins. Landing these with the two-way paylines creates potentially large payouts.


Arabian Spins is something slightly different from the norm because its 3×3 layout stands out from the crowd. The wide range of bet sizes probably will not ever be used because the game is aimed more at the recreational end of the market. Furthermore, the 547x maximum prize is not enough to keep high rollers interested.

The two-way win lines are a cool feature; more online pokies should have them. In addition, the magic carpet paying 7x does keep matters interesting. Booming Games’ figure suggest 41% of spins generate a win. Expect the free spins once in 106 spins, and the x7 multiplier every 15 spins. Those are numbers to keep most people sweet.

Try Arabian Spins for yourself at 21 Bit casino where a $450 bonus and 50 free spins await new customers.