How To Avoid Going on Tilt When Gambling

Going on tilt is not only frustrating but also potentially dangerous for gamblers. What is tilt and how can you prevent it? Find out here.

Poker players are well-versed in the term going on tilt, but it applies to casino games and pokies, too. The term originates from pinball where physically tilting the machine freezes the flippers, with some games displaying the word “tilt” on the screen.

Tilt in the gambling sense is a term for a state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration. It leads to players adopting a less than optimal strategy, which usually manifests itself as aggression. Some people say a player on tilt is steaming, but they mean the same thing.

Everyone who has played online poker has gone on tilt at some stage of their career. There are many factors that contribute to a player losing control and tilting. For example, a bad beat where they were a huge favourite to win but they lose the hand is often enough to tilt a player. In addition, gamers in the esports world frequently tilt. Have you heard of the term “ragequit”? That is video game’s version of tilting!

The Dangers of Going On Tilt

Everyone has tilted when gambling at some point. They are liars if they say they have not. Seeing the dealer deal themselves blackjack for the 14th time when you are sat with 20, losing several outside roulette bets, and missing out on the free spins of a pokie is enough to send some players into a rage.

Becoming angry is the most dangerous component of someone tilting. Humans usually react to anger with aggression. It is perfectly natural, and part of our “fight or flight” defence mechanism. Acting irrationally is associated with anger. Aggressive gamblers become reckless and make larger bets. Falling into this trap leads to you decimating your bankroll in a record quick time. That is never a good thing.

Gambling when angry is a bad idea in general. Gambling should be fun and never cause you any upset. Angry gamblers often chase their losses, which lead to larger losses, more often than not. You can see going on tilt is not good for your bankroll or your well-being.

How To Prevent Tilting

The very best poker players in the world hardly tilt because they condition themselves to deal with disappointment. Nobody likes losing, especially when you lose money doing so. However, pokies players, sports bettors, and table game players are almost guaranteed to lose in the long run. Pokies clearly display this fact on their casing in the form of RTP. Other games tell you straight up there is a house edge in play.

Following proper bankroll management is the best way to prevent tilting. Losing $100 on a roulette spin sees disastrous if you only have $200 to play with. However, losing the same $100 when you have $6,000 does not smart as much. You do not need a massive bankroll; place smaller bets. For example, only bet $2 if you have $200 with which to gamble. You will not win as much money but you get to play for far longer.

Learn the odds and probabilities for the games you play. Poker players know aces are a massive favourite over every other Texas Hold’em hand. They have approximately 80% equity over a hand as strong as pocket kings. This seems a lot but also means your aces will, on average, lose one out of every five confrontations. How many 10-1 horses do you see win? Exactly.

Be Prepared To Step Away and Take a Break

It is sometimes impossible to stop tilt from rearing its ugly little head, no matter how hard you try. Imagine bursting the money bubble in the World Series of Poker Main Event holding aces against your opponent’s seven-deuce! You would want to turn the tables over!

Step away from all gambling activity the second you realise you are on tilt. The casino will still be there tomorrow, a week later, or even six months in the future. The same is true for online casinos; there will always be another time to play.

Do not be afraid to place wagering and deposit limits on your online casino account if you are prone to tilting. Doing this eliminates the possibility that you will bet or deposit more than you can afford when the dreaded red mist descends.