How To Take Advantage of How Casinos Work

Casinos make their money by taking advantage of their customers, this is how you take advantage of the casino, playing them at their own game

We are all intelligent people and know that casinos are in the business of making money. Everything about a casino is designed to relieve you of your hard-earned cash. From the layout of the floor to the sights, sounds, and smells. It is a minefield out there but you can take advantage of how casinos operate and use their rules and systems against them.

The loyalty desk is your first port of call when you visit a casino. Most Las Vegas and Australian casinos have them. You receive a personal card in exchange for a few personal details. It is worth it, trust us, as it allows you to take advantage od the casino.

Your player card tracks everything you purchase from the bar, restaurant, and various services offered. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, it tracks all your gambling activity. The casino uses the information gathered as a basis for the offers and promotions it offers you. How do you use this to take advantage of the casino?

Use your card whenever you buy a meal. In fact, go for a meal with friends and hand over your loyalty card to the serving staff. This makes it look like you spend a lot of money in the casino. Furthermore, only use your loyalty card when you plan on playing a decent session, not just wagering $20. Using your card for bigger gambling sessions increases your Average Daily Trip (ADT) which determines how much you are worth as a customer!

Take Advantage of the Casino With Free Drinks and Room Discounts

Your loyalty card has the added perk of discounted rooms, especially if you frequently gamble or dine out. Take advantage of the casino by asking for a room discount based on your activity at the venue.

It is not uncommon to receive a 10-20% discount on the advertised room rate. Major Vegas hotels, Crown Melbourne, and Star Sydney are known for handing out discounted rooms to players with a high ADT.

On the subject of freebies, not all casinos comp drinks, but many of them do. I have personally used the following tip dozens of times when in Las Vegas where I make it my mission to take advantage of the casino. Head to the bar and find a video poker terminal. Feed $100 into it and look like you are settling in for a while and start making small bets. Do this while not talking to the bartender and they will quickly come to you and offer you a free drink. It works almost every time. The bartender can see how much money you have put into the machine. $100 is enough to make them believe you are a serious gambler! Enjoy your drink, continue with the small bets, then hit the cashout button. Simple!

Take Strategy Cards With You And/Or Ask The Dealer For Help

There are no rules about using printed strategy cards when playing casino games. Blackjack is the most popular game for these cards. Do not be afraid to take them with you if you are unsure of the best blackjack strategy. They slow the game down a little but you take advantage of the casino by knowing how to play perfectly.

In addition, ask the dealer for help if you are playing a new game. Do not play a game blindly and hope to win. Dealers not only know all the rules and strategies for each game but are actively encouraged to be cheerful and helpful. They want you to play for as long as possible so will be accommodating. Casinos pay the dealer whether you win or lose so they give you honest advice. Their advice is much better than a fellow patron sitting next to you.