How To Make More Money At The Casino

If you are looking to make more money when you play pokies and casino games online then you, my friend, have come to the right place.

Playing pokies and casino table games is great fun but its even more so if you win money. Everyone logging into an online casino site does so wanting to bag some cash. Winning becomes a habit and you want to make more money at the casino. Here is how you do that.

Learning the basic strategy for the game you play is the best way to make more money at the casino. We cannot express the importance of adopting an optimal strategy for each game. Some games are pure luck – here’s looking at you pokies – but others have mathematical strategies that help maximise your winnings.

For example, blackjack has a simple yet effective basic strategy. Knowing when to hit, stand, and double-down increases your chances to make more money. Following basic blackjack strategy lowers the house edge to a mere 0.5%.

Other casino games with optimal strategy include video poker, another game with a super-low house edge.

Make More Money By Playing Low House Edge Games

Casinos make money by stacking the odds against you, the customer. This stacking of the odds is known as the house edge. The casinos make more money, in the long run, the higher this edge is. For example, a game with a house edge of 2% sees the casino return, on average, $98 for every $100 wagered. This does not seem too unreasonable but that 2% applies to every customer. Imagine 1,000 customers each wagering $200 per hour. That equates to $4,000 per hour in the casino’s pocket! Now consider pokies have a house edge of between 4-6%. It is easy to see why casinos are so profitable.

Pokies display their house edge as Return To Player or RTP. This is displayed as a percentage; always check the RTP before playing any poker machine.

Learn About Odds, Probabilities, and Payouts

Understanding odds and probabilities is another way to make more money at the casino. Slight variations of rules often have a significant effect on a game’s payouts and house edge. Roulette is played on American and European wheels. American wheels have a double zero in addition to a single zero. You may think this is nothing of note but it is. The house edge of an American wheel is 5.2% but only 2.7% on a single zero wheel. Therefore, always try playing on European single-zero wheels.

Staying with roulette, the best way to make more money is to bet on single numbers. Correctly predicting a single number pays 35-to-1. While this sounds amazing, the chances of it happening are 38-to-1 on a European wheel, so do not expect it to happen often. Making outside bets sees you win less money but more frequently. Decide which strategy you follow.

Avoiding American roulette wheels is a good idea, as is not playing blackjack games with a 6:5 payout. Blackjack traditionally pays 3:2 for hitting blackjack. Changing this to the lesser 6:5 increases the house edge from 0.5% to 2%, a 400% increase!

Take Advantage of Bonuses and Free Spins

Bonuses and free spins are a great way to make more money from your casino playing. Every online casino listed on these pages offers at least a welcome bonus in addition to free spins. The bonus cash releases into your playable account balance as you play real money games. That steady trickle of free money into your account helps you ride out the storm.

Always check the bonus and free spins’ terms and conditions. Casinos do not simply give away hundreds or thousands of dollars for the sake of it. They place wagering requirements on the bonus, some of which can be quite prohibitive. It is, therefore, sometimes best to not take the biggest bonus offered. Choose the best bonus for you based on your bankroll and playing habits.