Learn How To Outsmart The Casino

Those who run casinos are intelligent people who you need to be on your toes with if you are to outsmart them and win bags of cash.

The people who run casinos are intelligent people. This is a prerequisite for running a casino because they continually think of ways to extract money from their customers. They try everything in the book, which is why you need your wits about you to outsmart them.

Casinos are designed to keep you gambling. Pokies and tables games’ odds are stacked in the house’s favour meaning they always win eventually. They are more likely to win the longer they keep you gambling. It is a simple equation.

A casino’s layout is not done by accident. Psychologists help during the planning stages to make the venue relaxing, and to entice you to gamble. The pack them full of distractions to make it difficult to focus on the task in hand.

A perfect example is the Pleasure Pit and Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The dealers in this area of the casino are scantly-dressed, beautiful women. They dance on the tables to loud music and flashing lights. Indeed, it draws in punters, usually young males, but it serves another purpose. The house edge for games in this area is far higher than anywhere else in the casino. Why? because players are more bothered about watching the gorgeous dancers! Outsmart casinos like this by avoiding areas with many distractions. These include loud music, bright, flashing lights, and TV screens showing sport.

Outsmart A Casino By Pretending ATMs Do Not Exist

Playing to a budget is another way to outsmart the casino. Religiously stick to your budget and do not spend a single cent more. Indeed, the casino does not know your budget, but going over it and withdrawing more money increases the chance of the casino getting its hand on your cash. Outsmart the casino by pretending cash machines do not exist. Step away and head to the bar, or even home, if you blow your budget. It is disappointing not playing roulette or blackjack but it is the smart thing for you and your bankroll.

Learn The Odds and Bet Smart

Outsmart the casino by learning the odds and probabilities and avoiding the big payouts. This sounds ridiculous because you want to win large sums, so why not go for the long odds? Because the long odds are that for a reason; they rarely payout. Betting on a single roulette number pays 35-to-1, which is amazing when it comes in. However, you have a 38-to-1 chance of that happening. Would you back a horse at 38-to-1 odds? Probably not!

Betting on outcomes with lower payouts is the best way to go. These do not see you enjoy big wins, but smaller, more frequent wins. Think of the story of the tortoise and the hair. Outsmart them, don’t try outplaying them.

Play Slower and Smarter

Remember how we said the more you play the more likely it is the casino wins? This is why casino dealers are highly trained and keep the games progressing quickly. Outsmart the dealers by slowing down the action and contemplating your decisions.

There is no rule stating you must bet on every roulette wheel spin, but it is encouraged. Bet on every alternate spin and conserve your bankroll. Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy others’ wins over the house.

The same is true for playing pokies. They are designed to spin quickly and get through many spins per hour. Play at your own pace, enjoy the animations, and bet at your pace not that the machine sets.

Furthermore, do not worry about taking a break from the action. Get up and stretch your legs once in a while and take stock of the situation. Outsmart the casino by keeping a level head and your cool, resetting, and starting again. It pays to play smarter not harder.