Pokies Strategy You Need to Know

Love playing pokies at your local casino or online? You could do far worse that applying parts of this pokies strategy to your sessions.. Free spins

Poker machines are games of pure chance, but it is possible to apply pokies strategy to help you win more. The following pokies strategy advice is not guaranteed to make you rich, but gives you a better chance of seeing a winning session when you play at an online casino.

Pokies strategy revolves around moving the odds closer in your favour. Casinos are happy if you just fire up a machine and play it. Those who win more from poker machines do everything they can, legally of course, to make winning more possible.

Pokies Strategy: Play The Maximum Pay Lines

Modern pokier machines, especially online pokies, have many pay lines. Gone are the days when you matched three symbols on a single line. Machines these days have 20, 50, 250, or more. Pokies using the Megaways engine have up to 117,000 possible pay lines!

Playing the maximum number of pay lines is pokies strategy 101. Your chances of a winning spin increases massively by playing more pay lines. Adapt your bet size so you play the most pay lines possible while staying in the constraints of your bankroll. For example, play 20 pay lines at $0.10 per line instead of a single line at $2 per spin. Individual wins are smaller this way, but you have many more chances to win several payouts simultaneously.

Think of this as a scattergun approach. You cover as many pay lines as possible in the hope you catch a lucky break.

Play Pokies With The Highest RTP

Every poker machine clearly displays the Return To Player, or RTP. This figure, which is displayed as a percentage, shows how much money the game pays out. For example, a 95% RTP machine returns $95 for every $100 put into the machine. Manufacturers arrive at this figure over billions of spins, but RTP gives you an indication of what to expect.

Playing high RTP games is a solid pokies strategy. There is a big difference between a 94% and a 97% RTP machine, an increased house edge of 3%. High RTP games are not a guarantee of winning, but you are more likely to end up with more money in your bankroll.

Beware of unscrupulous casino operators who use very low RTPs. An internet search shows a typical RTP of a machine, but some have ranges. Check with customer support if the RTP is not readily available where you play casino games.

Make a Decision About Variance

Variance is the term used to describe how a machine arrives at its RTP figure. Understanding variance, or volatility, is a key component of pokies strategy. A low variance machine pays smaller wins more frequently. Conversely, a high variance machine pays out larger wins but less frequently.

Your personality and aversion to risk determine which machine type is best for you. Chose a machine with low variance if you are not a patient person or who likes to win often. High volatility is the way to go if you like chasing a big win and are not bothered if you lose.

Make the Most of Online Casino Bonuses

It is no secret that you are guaranteed to lose playing pokies regardless of your pokies strategy. The RTP of a machine tells you this from the start. However, combining your play with chasing online casino bonuses is a great way to negate your losses.

Online casinos prefer customers to play pokies to clear any bonuses. One-hundred per cent of your play counts towards the wagering requirements. In addition, regular players of pokies are more likely to receive reload and loyalty bonuses.

Clearing a bonus while chasing a poker machine’s jackpot keeps a steady flow of cash into your bankroll. Indeed, this extra cash keeps you in the game longer, which means you have more shots at a larger prize. It is a win-win scenario.