Join Crocoman On His Journey To Africa

Are you ready to join Crocoman on his journey across Africa, as he searches for untold riches? You may want to read our impartial review first

Online casino game developers are known for signing deals with movies and TV shows and using images for their pokies. Not every major film signs over its rights. That does not stop some developers, which is evident in the Crocoman machine.

Platipus Gaming launched Crocoman a few years ago, and it is still quite popular today. Fire it up at Wolf Winner or Jackpot Jill and its striking likeness to Crocodile Dundee is there for all to see. Platipus has not even tried to hide the fact it used Crocodile Dundee for inspiration! The lead character is a carbon copy of the 1986 cult movie’s titular Crocodile Dundee. The fact they call their game Crocoman adds to it. Being set in Africa is the only noticeable difference.

Is Crocoman worth your time and effort? Read this review to find out.

Crocoman Fundamentals

Crocoman takes place on a traditional 5×3 layout with 10 win lines. Those win lines run left to right in the industry typical pattern.

The game offers you bets per line instead of a total bet. $0.01 is the minimum bet per line ($0.10 in total) with $1 the maximum ($10 in total). You should not be surprised to learn Crocoman is aimed at the more recreational players among you. Or at least that is what you would think.

Platipus slapped a high variance math model to the game, and coupled it with a disappointingly low 94.98% RTP. The equates to a 5.02% house edge, which is enough to have the real Paul Hogan come after you with a massive jungle knife!

The maximum possible win on any spin is 5,000x your total bet. This equates to $50 at the lowest stakes and $50,000 at the highest. They are hardly amounts to get you hot under the collar, although not to be sniffed at.

Crocoman Symbols

Crocoman is a blatant rip-off of the ever-popular Crocodile Dundee films. The high-value scatter symbols looks exactly like Paul Hogan in the movies! The other symbols are African animals and tried and trusted royals.

Royals need three, four, or five matching symbols for a win. A mere 1.5x your total bet is the maximum payout. Leopards, elephants, buffalo, and crocodiles only need two matching symbols for a win. The crocodile pays out 500x for matching five.

Symbol Match 2 3 4 5
Crocodile 1 10 100 500
Buffalo 0.5 4 40 200
Elephant and Leopard 0.5 3 10 75
Aces and Kings 0.5 4 15
Queens, Jacks, and Tens 0.5 2.5 10

The titular Crocodile Dundee, sorry, Crocoman acts as the game’s scatter and wild. It substitutes for all standard symbols on the base game board. Three are needed to start the free spins round. Matching three pays 2x your total bet. However, landing four or five pays 20x and 200x your total bet respectively.

What Are The Game’s Bonuses and Features

Bonuses and features are not a strong point of Crocoman, although the free spins round has potential. Three, four, or five scatters give you ten free spins, and a 2x, 20x, or 200x payment.

You click a question mark before the free spins begin, which randomly stops on a paying symbol. This becomes the feature symbol. The feature symbol randomly expands and covers reels 2 to 5 after winning spins. Tens were our feature symbol when triggering the free spins. We walked away with a 74x win despite our low-value feature symbol.


It is challenging to find a reason to choose Crocoman over any other online poker machine. The RTP is ridiculously low for a modern machine, while variance is high. The low bet amounts and the fact this is basically Crocodile Dundee will lure in punters.

The graphics are OK, the sounds too, but the game is painfully slow. Thankfully, there is an option to speed up the action; you 100% need it.

Platipus missed a trick here. They could have created a really fun machine. However, Crocoman is a run-of-the-mill machine that we probably will not play again.