How To Maximise The Value of a Casino Bonus

Make sure you read this article before you take the plunge at an online casino and claim a casino bonus. It will maximise your value.

A casino bonus comes in all shapes and sizes. They are often large sums of money designed to swing you towards opening an online casino account. A casino bonus is the number one way online casinos make themselves stand out from the crowd. Think of it this way, if you were torn between Casino A and Casino B but the former offered a larger welcome bonus, where would you sign up? Exactly!

Most online casinos offer frequent bonuses to loyal players. However, these are not guaranteed, which means it is important to maximise the value from your initial bonus. This does not always mean claiming the largest bonus as you will learn. Instead, it is about choosing the right bonus for you. Do that by following these steps.

Read The Terms and Conditions of Your Casino Bonus

How often do you sign up to a new website or service without reading the terms and conditions? I know 100% I have signed up for credit agreements without reading the T&Cs properly. Always go through the casino bonus terms with a fine-toothed comb. It is not that gaming operators want to scam you, but they always act with their best interests at heart. They are in the business of making money after all.

The games you can play while using the casino bonus money and the wagering requirements are the two most important things to look for. Why? Because they have a major effect on your decision-making.

Wagering Requirements and Allowed Games

First, wagering requirements is the amount of money staked in order to receive part of your bonus money. For example, a casino offering a $100 bonus with 40x wagering requirements means you must stake $4,000 to release the full $100 into your playable account balance. That does not seem a lot, but imagine claiming a $5,000 bonus with the same terms. That is $200,000 worth of wagers!

Second, not all casino products count towards the wagering requirements. Each casino is different, but it is standard for pokies to count 100% towards wagering. However, blackjack and roulette can be as low as 5%. This means only $0.05 is counted towards releasing your bonus for every $1 wagered.

Be aware of maximum bet sizes and the withdrawal policy if you have an active bonus, too.

Do Not Always Opt For The Biggest Bonus

Everyone wants to get their hands on the largest amount of free cash. It is only natural, but the biggest casino bonus is not always the best. There is zero point claiming a $1,000 bonus if it comes with 40x wagering requirements, you have 30 days to release it, and play for $0.50 per spin. It would be impossible to fully release. You would be lucky to see a tenth of the bonus money offered.

Maximise the value of your casino bonus by choosing a sum you can realistically release. A fully released $250 bonus is much better than a $1,000 bonus you have only released a tenth of. Online casinos offer large bonuses because they know hardly anyone bets big enough to clear the full amount.

Do Not Choose An Online Casino For The Bonus Alone

Do not be tempted to choose a new online casino only for the bonus it offers. Picking the right casino for you is important, even if there are dozens available.

Choose a casino that has the pokies you want to play. There I no point signing up somewhere that only offers RTG-powered pokies if you do not like this software provider. Furthermore, the same is said for table games. Do not join a site that does not offer blackjack if you like to play blackjack alongside pokies. It sounds like common sense but you would be surprised at how many people do not heed this advice.