Tried and Tested Casino Tips You May Not Know About

This article contains several casino tips that are designed to save you money, make you more money, and help you have an enjoyable time.

Search for casino tips in Google and millions the search engine returns millions of results. It returns 80.2 million results to be exact. All those casino tips cannot be legitimate, most are complete rubbish designed purely to get clicks of their websites. Not the casino tips here. We want you to win and win regularly.

Hints and tips come in all shapes and sizes. The casino tips here mostly relate to bricks and mortar casinos, although some are applicable to online casinos. Be sure to use them if you head to a Crown Resorts or Star Entertainment property in the near future.

Casino Tips to Save Money: Use Your Player’s Card Effectively

Live casinos reward your loyalty via a player’s card. Each casino has a different system but they work along the same lines. You sign up for a loyalty card by giving a few personal details, and hand this card over whenever you gamble or purchase food and drink. Cardholders receive rewards based on their spending at the casino. It is as simple as that.

Many player’s cards grant you heavily discounted hotel rooms, especially in Las Vegas. Ask reception about casino or poker rates, and expect a 10-20% discount on accommodation. That is extra money in your pocket. Those of you who play frequently or for high stakes can often receive free hotel rooms.

Make sure you only use your player’s card for extended sessions, however. Everything you do links to your card and gives the casino what is known as your Average Day Trip, or ADT. This is the money the casino expects you to spend on average. using your card when you only plan to gamble with $20 drives this ADT down and, therefore, reduces your promotions and rewards. Save using your card for when you plan to play for a few hours or longer.

Avoid Playing Pokies Located Near Toilets

Casinos use every trick in the book to get their hands on your hard-earned cash. You cannot blame them because this is what their business is built on. Some casino tips suggest only playing pokies at specific times. They believe the Return to Player (RTP) of machines alters so they pay more during the day and less when the casino is busy.

This is not the case, but RTP does vary wildly by machine. For example, poker machines located near toilets usually have lower RTP. Why? Because they know people sit at them while waiting for their friends to do their business. These players will only put a few dollars in the machine, so the casino takes advantage of the fact.

In addition to your player’s card, expect to receive free drinks when you gamble. Always tip the waitress because she is more likely to return to you faster next time.

Be Kind to Dealers and Do Not Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Dealers and croupiers are the beating heart of any casino. Games do not run without these talented people. They are extremely helpful people, so do not be afraid to ask them questions. Wondering if you should split or not during a blackjack hand? Ask the dealer for advice. They cannot steer you into a decision, but they can explain the odds and possible outcomes. Definitely ask for their advice regarding side the various available side bets. All will tell you side bets are a waste of money, even if the payouts are enticing.

Remember to be kind to dealers even when you lose. Most casino tips articles neglect to mention this. Dealers receive a pay packet whether you win or lose. However, they prefer winning customers because winning players tip more!

Furthermore, a happy, content dealer or croupier usually deals faster. This means you get more games or hands in each hour, which helps to negate the dreaded variance of those table games.