The Basics of Casino Etiquette

There are plenty of things you should do when in a casino, and many more that you should not. Learn the basics of casino etiquette here.

Playing at an online casino from home has many perks, including the fact you can do as you please. There is no etiquette to adhere to. You can sit there in your pyjamas, feet on the coffee table, and do as you please. It goes without saying that this is not the case at a brick-and-mortar venue.

Many of our readers returned to the live casino world as soon as the COVID-19 restrictions eased. There is no substitute for the experience a live casino gives you, although our online casino partners do a great job of recreating the buzz and atmosphere. Feast your eyes over the following casino etiquette tips before you venture out into the big wide world. You do not want to fall foul of casino security or your fellow gamblers.

Casino Etiquette: Dress For the Occasion

Most of the planet has become accustomed to working from home in a pair of trackies and cannot remember the last time they spruced themselves up. Make sure you dress for the occasion when you next visit an actual casino.

Different casinos have their own rules when it comes to dress code. Some are relaxed, others require men to wear a collared shirt, for example. It is bad etiquette to try accessing a high-stakes area while you are dressed for the beach. Check with the casino beforehand so you are not turned away.

To Tip The Dealer or Not?

Tipping the dealer after a winning roulette spin is customary in some countries, but illegal in others. Knowing the tipping etiquette of where you are playing is vital not only because you could break the law by tipping, but you could also insult the dealer or croupier.

Las Vegas dealers, for example, expect tips. Some will let it know they are not happy with you if you do not cross their palms with silver! Consider a 10% tip on decent wins or dropping a tip when you leave the table.

The United Kingdom is different from our American cousins. Tipping casino staff in the UK was illegal until relatively recently. Brits do not tend to tip the dealers even now because those dealers are better paid than many of their counterparts. British law does not allow casino staff to receive personal tips. All tips going into a pot and are shared evenly among all the staff.

While not illegal to tip Australian dealers, it is frowned upon. The government sees tipping as potential bribery! Speak to one of the pit bosses if your dealer has given excellent service and you want to reward them.

Turn Off Your Phone and Pay Attention

It is considered poor etiquette to use your mobile phone at any casino game table. Punters are there to have fun, not listen to you having a conversation with Joan from accounts. Furthermore, many casinos point blank refuse to allow any mobile devices at the table. This is especially true if you try to place your phone on the gaming table itself. They are worried that you could have a cheating device installed.

It is also poor etiquette to constantly take photographs in the casino. Casinos have relaxed when it comes to photos on their property because gambling is more mainstream. That said, recording staff, pokies, or the cashier’s cage will almost certainly get you thrown out of the casino while security will demand you delete the footage. You have been warned.

Lastly, pay attention to the dealer. Keeping the games moving along at a steady pace is one component of their job. Do not be the one who the dealer has to continually remind to place your bets and who holds up the game for everyone else. Likewise, the announcement of “no more bets” means exactly that. Do not exhibit poor etiquette by trying to force the dealer to take your last-second wager. It will not happen no matter how hard you try.