How to Deal With a Big Win at An Online Casino

Chec out these free tips for how to deal with a big win

We all dream of firing up our favourite online casino and enjoying a big win. It does not matter if you play pokies, progressive jackpot pokies, or any other casino; a big win is what we all want.

What constitutes a big win is down to personal circumstances. For example, winning $500 from $0.01 pokie spins is a big win, but it is not life-changing for most. Securing a five-figure payout is where the real significant wins begin. Some people lock in six and sometimes seven-figure prizes, which have the potential to reshape their lives. Imagine a $600,000 jackpot heading to your bank account. Wow.

Learning how to handle a big win is equally as crucial as dealing with losing. You will lose more often than you win when playing pokies or casino games. Following bankroll management is one way to make losing easier to cope with. Handling a big win takes a different set of skills.

Stop Playing After a Big Win

The reels fall into place and, all of a sudden, your screen and speakers burst into life as the amount you have won continues counting upwards. You have won big; very big. This is when you should stop playing immediately.

It is tempting to continue playing because you feel your luck is in. Do not! We would be very rich indeed if we had $1 for each time someone has had a big win, continued playing, and blown a sizeable chunk of their haul.

It is a challenge not to get carried away when you have won a massive prize, but it is important to keep your cool. Scream and shout if you have to, but stop playing whatever you do.

Make Sure Your Documents Are Up-To-Date

Most online casinos require their customers’ identification to be up-to-date before making a withdrawal. This is especially true if they attempt to withdraw a big win.

Contact support — you may find they contact you first — and let them know about your newfound fortune. Ask them what documentation they require, if any, to allow you to get your hands on your cash.

Do not be surprised if you cannot withdraw the total amount in one go. Online casinos have withdrawal limits in addition to deposit limits. These vary wildly, so it may take several days or weeks to receive your entire winnings if your win is enormous.

Do whatever you can to reduce the chances of a delay. You will find the customer support teams are very helpful in this regard.

Treat Yourself, But Try Not To Go Wild

A big win does not happen often, so it is important to enjoy it. You will feel over the moon and want to go out and splash the cash. This is perfectly natural. It is a time to let your head rule your heart, and not the other way round.

How you spend your winnings is entirely a personal choice. Furthermore, how you treat yourself is linked to how much you won. Your big win may be $25,000, which is a huge payout. However, winning $500,000 would see your options broaden.

Paying off any debts is high up on the agenda for casino players who have won big. This reduces monthly outgoings substantially and frees up extra income. Being debt-free massively reduces stress, too.

Those who win big enough to make a significant purchase of a brand new car or even a house will always be able to say, “the casino paid for that.” That is a great feeling that not many of us ever get to enjoy.

It is worth your time hiring a professional to help you deal with a gigantic win. People win millions of dollars from progressive jackpot pokies and have no idea what to do with their newfound riches. Financial advisors are trained to give you the best advice for your circumstance. Paying them their fee can not only see you save a lot of money in the long run but can also result in your money growing through wise investments.

All you need to do now is log into your casino account and secure that big win!