Tips For New Online Pokies Players

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Online pokies combine having fun with the chance to win a massive payout. It is no wonder that online pokies players make up the core of an online casino’s customer base. Thousands of Australians hit up online poker machines each and every day, hoping to win big from a cheap spin.

There is no way to guarantee a win in any casino game. Almost all are games of chance, meaning Lady Luck dictates whether you win or not. Putting measures in place to maximise your chances of winning is all you can do.

Online Pokies Players Should Play Higher Denominations

Winning the jackpot, or at least the biggest possible prize is the number one goal for online pokies players. The small wins keep your bankroll topped up, but they will not make you rich, not in a million years.

You maximise your potential winnings by playing the highest denomination bets you can afford. For example, you have the choice of making a single $2 bet or two $1 bets. Which should you go for? The $2 bet is better for online pokies players.

Betting a single $2 reduces your chances of a winning spin, but the rewards are higher if you get lucky. This is because your $2 spin pays more if and when it triggers a win. Be aware that larger bets eat through your bankroll faster than smaller ones. Bet smaller if your goal is to relax and play pokies for a more extended session.

Online Pokies Players Should Test The Games They Play

Online pokies players are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a game. Modern online casinos have hundreds – some have thousands – of pokies to choose from. Most pokies are simple. They are designed to be easy to play and understand. That said, some do have complicated bonus features where your interaction changes the various outcomes.

It is definitely worthwhile testing a new game using the casino’s play money feature. Not all online casinos allow you to play for free, but an increasing number do. Using play money on new games means you can try out the pokie without risking any capital. Making a mistake does not matter because it is not robbing you of your hard-earned cash.

Do be aware that some play money editions of pokies payout more. Casinos increase the game’s Return To Player (RTP) – lowering the house edge – and reduce the volatility to make you think this machine pays out more. Seasoned online pokies players are aware of this; make sure you are too.

Stop Thinking Machines Are Due a Payout

Modern poker machines are incredibly complex. Their Random Number Generators (RNG) are entirely random, and it is impossible to predict what they do next. However, they are independently verified to ensure they are fair and, indeed, random.

Online pokies players cannot accurately predict if a machine is due to payout. The RNG is set so that the machine makes money for the casino. It makes its money over billions of spins, always heading towards the game’s actual RTP. The machine will go for long periods without a big win, go on runs of paying large wins in quick succession, but it is entirely random. Just because a pokie has paid out a 1,000x win does not mean it will not do so again soon. You pay your money, and you take your chance.

Stop When The Fun Stops

Everything about pokies is designed to keep the user playing. The flashing lights, the vibrant graphics, even the sounds are as they are for a reason. Most online pokies players play these machines without any issues at all. However, others develop a gambling problem as they chase the elusive colossal score.

Knowing when to walk away from any form of gambling is a vital skill to have. The pokies you are playing will still be available and ready to play tomorrow, next week, and even next month. Set yourself a stop loss and stick to it religiously. It does not matter if you can afford to lose $100 or $1,000, stop playing once you hit your predetermined loss.

Doing this prevents you from chasing your losses or using money to gamble that you cannot afford.