Casino Game Strategies That Work For Everyone

check out these awesome casino game strategies that work

The internet is awash with websites promising you casino game strategies that work. They talk about how you can get rich playing pokies and table games, but most are just talking the talk.

Further examination of these casino game strategies usually reveals the writer is talking about betting strategy and nothing more. Regular readers of these pages know how we feel about betting strategies, especially the Martingale System.

All betting systems set you up for failure in the long run. Either your bankroll runs dry, or you hit the maximum bet limit at the table.

Proper casino game strategies do not involve betting systems. Nor do they require you to have mastered the dark arts. The casino game strategies you are about to read help maximise your chances of winning or help keep you playing for longer.

The Best Casino Game Strategies Are Based on Knowledge

Casino operators and bookmakers love it when punters do not know what they are doing. Players who throw caution to the wind are the ideal customer because they are destined to lose.

Let us get one thing straight before we carry on: very few games are beatable in the long run. Blackjack and video poker experts have a chance of reducing the house edge to a tiny percentage, but the casino always has the odds in its favour.

Arming yourself with a bit of knowledge goes a long way. It is the base from which you build casino game strategies. For example, learning basic blackjack strategy reduces the house edge from 2% to a mere 0.5%. That does not sound a lot, but it is enormous in the long run. The lower the house edge, the longer your bankroll lasts. It is as simple as that.

Furthermore, learning all the odds and probabilities of each game is highly recommended. Many players head to the roulette wheel because they know big wins are possible. However, most are unaware that betting on a single number has odds of 38-to-1 on a single zero wheel.

The overall edge is around 2.6% on a single zero roulette wheel. This increases to 5.25% with the addition of a double zero. Did you know that?

It should be obvious when we say to you play games with the lowest house edge.

Tournaments Are Often Hidden Gems

Most people automatically think of poker when tournaments are mentioned. Poker tournaments are extremely common, but there are also tournies for pokies, blackjack, roulette, and more.

Pokies tournaments run regularly in Las Vegas and casinos around the world. Video poker tournaments are equally as popular.

Playing tournaments is one of our favourite casino game strategies because they help prolong your bankroll. You pay an entry fee, and your machine is loaded with a set amount of chips. The aim is to win as much “money” while the tournament runs.

You know exactly how much you stand to lose if you do not finish in the payout places, which makes tournaments particularly good for those with limited funds.

Slow Down When Playing Pokies

We all love playing pokies. They are fun and give you the chance to win big, especially with jackpot machines. However, pokies have among the highest house edge in the casino. The fact they spin fast – they are even faster at an online casino – means you can chew through your bankroll quickly.

Do not use the auto-play feature for a start. Slow down and take your time. Enjoy the vibrant graphics and animations. Take in the sounds and music, and enjoy yourself. It is tempting to play as fast as possible as you chase down a big prize, but do not. Burning through your funds ends your session and enjoyment earlier than planned. No casino game strategies want you to do that.