Advantages and Disadvantages of a Mobile Casino

Advantages and disadvantages of playing at a mobile casino

We live in an age where we have amazing technology at our fingertips. Our mobile phones are essentially handheld computers that keep us connected to the digital world. Those same phones and tablets are perfect for playing at a mobile casino, giving us the chance to spin our favourite pokies when we are on the go.

Some of you reading these pages will remember the early days of online casinos. There were few, if any, casinos that did not require software installation to run the casino client. This is not the case these days because casino operators create their products to run in your internet browser.

Online casinos worth their salt offer a mobile casino in addition to their desktop version. Some have dedicated mobile apps designed for iOS or Android, but most of the best mobile casino sites run in your phone’s internet browser with little to no issues.

Advantages of Playing at a Mobile Casino

There are several advantages and disadvantages to playing pokies at an online casino. We will look at the key points of each here.

Having the option to play pokies on the move is a major plus point to a mobile casino. How many times have you played at an online casino only for something to crop up, and you had to leave? Have you ever been stuck waiting somewhere for any period of time and found yourself dying of boredom? Having a mobile casino at hand solves those problems.

Playing at a mobile casino is an excellent way to relax. Playing from a desktop computer means you are sat in an office-like environment. Laptops have increased portability, but they are still quite cumbersome. However, you can take a mobile casino with you anywhere. Curl up on the couch and play pokies from your phone. It is even possible to play from the comforts of a relaxing bath, although you should take care not to submerge your phone!

Disadvantages of Playing at a Mobile Casino

Casino operators do everything in their power to make every pokie and table game mobile compatible, but they cannot guarantee every game will be available on your phone. Most are, especially the newer releases, but some old classics require a computer to play.

Those playing on a mobile casino may have difficulty seeing what is happening on their screen. Mobile phone screens are larger than ever before, but they are tiny compared to a computer monitor. The lack of screen size results in a lack of immersion for some and takes away some of the enjoyment of spinning pokies.

Gambling from a mobile phone increases your chances of making mistakes. It is more difficult to see what is going on, plus you may be overly relaxed in your favourite chair, so make a sub-optimal play at the blackjack table or roulette wheel.

Furthermore, having a mobile casino at your fingertips leads to playing pokies and casino games for longer. This is perfectly fine if you can control your gambling but a recipe for disaster if you struggle with staying within your limits.


Everyone has their preference when it comes to everything in life. Some writers, for example, only work from a laptop, with others only using a computer. I use both, in case you are interested! The same is true of online gamblers.

Find what works best for you because gambling is all about having fun at the end of the day. Track your results and see which platform you are most profitable with. Also, keep an eye on the time you spend gambling in both formats.

The fact you have the option to play on a mobile casino is excellent in itself. They are the perfect backup for when your home internet goes crazy and leaves you unable to play.