Tips For Playing Penny Pokies

Learn more about penny pokies

Penny pokies are very popular in live casinos and in online casinos. Players on a budget flock to penny pokies like moths to flames. They give you the chance to win big in comparison to the stakes you play, but not everything is at it seems with these machines.

The term penny pokies stem from the fact the machines only cost $0.01 to play. That, however, is only partly true because the $0.01 cost is per win lines. These pokies often force you to play between 50-300 win lines, taking that $0.01 cost and increasing it to $0.50 to $3.

Consider playing penny pokies online instead of at a physical casino. Online variants have better Return To Player (RTP) in addition to only requiring you to play 20-50 win lines. This makes a huge difference to your bankroll.

Playing $0.01 per line across 50-lines results in you needing a $125 bankroll to play for three hours. Of course, that is if you do not win and simply go broke. Play the same game with $0.05 per line and you need a $625 bankroll to play for three hours.

Penny Pokies Have Notoriously Low RTP

Penny pokies do not make a lot of money for the casino due to the small wager sizes. Therefore, casinos bump up their house edge to compensate for this. These machine on the famous Las Vegas Strip online pokie game average around 88.5% RTP! That equates to an 11.5% house edge, which is terrible. This is the trade-off for playing a more affordable game.

Always research the machine you want to play before parting with your cash. The machine’s RTP should be clearly displayed on the case (in a live casino) or in the lobby (online casinos). You can, of course, perform a simple search on the penny pokies’ name online and discover more information.

Learn The Rules Before Playing Penny Pokies

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail is the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin. It runs true when talking about penny pokies.

Pokies are usually simple machine, so simple, in fact, that they almost play themselves. It is worth noting the low-value, high-value, and special symbols of any pokie. Learn which symbols trigger bonuses round, too. Arm yourself with knowledge and there will not be any nasty surprises waiting around the corner.

Maximise Your Potential Winnings With Online Casino Bonuses

Let us be honest, you will not get rich playing penny pokies. Their top prizes are significant compared to the cost per spin, but winning “big” on these machines will not set you up for early retirement.

Maximise your potential winnings by taking full advantage of welcome and reload bonuses online casinos offer. Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all essentially free cash. Any bonus money you release into your account while playing penny pokies maximises your overall profit.

Bonuses are perfect for players playing from a limited bankroll. Using bonuses to boost your bankroll means you can play penny pokies for longer.

Above All, Enjoy Yourself

Pokies are all about having fun, at the end of the day. Penny pokies especially so. Their RTP is shockingly bad, but that is a minor trade-off for what is a stress-free gambling experience. Kick back and relax, have fun, and hopefully end your session with more money than you started with.

While having fun, keep track of your losses. These games are cheap to play, but losses can and do rack up. You do not want to be in a position where you have lost a couple of hundred dollars in a short space of time. Set yourself a stop loss and stop playing the very second you hit that figure.