A Strategy For Online Pokies

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Online pokies are entertaining in addition to giving you an opportunity to win big. Every online casino listed on these pages has hundreds of online pokies to choose from. They come in all shapes and sizes, finding the ideal machine for you is half the battle.

There is little you can do when it comes to increasing your chances of winning on poker machines. Their odds are set in stone, and complex algorithms determine the machine’s payouts. You can, however, employ the following online pokies strategy to help you maximise your winnings and to ensure you have fun playing the machines.

Choosing which online pokies to play is your first port of call. Most online casinos display the RTP, or Return To Player, of each poker machine. You can easily find this information online if the casino does not show the RTP.

RTP is displayed as a percentage and shows the house edge of the game. A machine with a 97% RTP has a house edge of 3%, for example. The higher the online pokies RTP, the more money you will have left come the end of your session.

Look for a machine’s volatility, too. Low volatility means wins are more frequent but tend to be smaller. High volatility sees bigger prizes paid, but less frequently.

Set Some Targets When Playing Online Pokies

Playing online pokies is all about entertainment when all is said and done. Winning money is great, but it should not be your only focus.

Decide what your bankroll is before you start playing and assume you will lose it all. That way, if you do win, it is a bonus. Tie your bankroll in with how long you want to play. For example, if you have a $100 bankroll and want to play online pokies for two hours, you cannot lose more than $50 per hour.

Planning ahead makes it easier to set your bet amounts. Betting $10 per spin, using the above example, makes it almost impossible to last for two hours. You are better off betting much less, perhaps as small as $0.50 per spin. Thankfully, online pokies have a wide range of bet amounts, some as low as pennies.

Decide What To Do With Your Winnings

We said earlier that you should assume you will lose your bankroll, but what if you enjoy a winning streak? What will you do with your winnings?

Deciding what to do with your winnings before you start playing helps prevent you losing it all back to the casino. Putting aside any winnings over your starting bank is a popular strategy. My girlfriend and I do this if we play roulette at our local casino. We put anything we win to one side and use our bankroll until it dwindles to zero. We sometimes walk away with more than we started with, but we still have something to show for our efforts even if we lose. You can apply this strategy to online pokies, too.

Avoid Progressive Jackpot Pokies

Avoid progressive jackpot online pokies even if you are determined to win a massive prize. Progressive jackpot pokies are exciting because they offer life-changing prizes, some into the millions of dollars. Casinos would not be in business long if their machines payout our seven and eight-figure sums every week, which is why these jackpots are hardly ever hit.

Jackpot poker machines have their volatility cranked up to the maximum setting. Furthermore, the RTP of these machines tend to be terrible. Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, for example, has an 88% RTP, which is horrifically bad. You would be better off putting a bet on a rank outsider in a big horse race than playing these machines.