Win Up To 10,413x With Dragon’s Fire Infinireels

Read our review of the new Red Toger online pokie Dragon’s Fire Infinireels

Dragon’s Fire Infinireels launched on February 25, which makes it one of the newest video pokies. Red Tiger wants as many people as possible to play this machine so expect it in an online casino near you soon.

The game has what Red Tiger calls Infinireels, which add a new dimension to the pay. Will you slay the dragon, or will it set fire to your bankroll? Let us find out.

Dragon’s Fire Infinireels Fundamentals

Dragon’s Fire Infinireels looks different from most online pokies because it plays on a 3×3 layout. This compact board takes some getting used to because we are used to 5×3 layouts. The infinireels in the machine’s name come into play when you land a winning combination. An extra reel appears, with more added every time you enjoy a win.

Your minimum bet is $0.20, with the maximum bet weighing in at $10. This maximum bet is very low, but you can see why Red Tiger did this when you look at the RTP and volatility.

The RTP is ridiculously low at 94.72%, which equates to a house edge of 5.28%. This is almost criminal in today’s online pokies market. Matters can be worse because Red Tiger insists on putting RTP ranges on its machines. Always play Dragon’s Fire Infinireels with the best possible RTP.

Variance is high, meaning you need a chunky bankroll to get you through barren spells. Rewards can be high, however, with a maximum possible payout of 10,413-times your bet.

Dragon’s Fire Infinireels Symbols

All the Dragon’s Fire Infinireels symbols are related to dragons, as you expect. The lowest-value symbols are coloured dragon eggs. The higher-value characters are dragons. Look out for the enticing dragon eye because this is the highest paying symbol in the game.

Three identical symbols on a win line are required to trigger a win. Landing additional symbols adds this amount to your win. For example, landing four Dragon’s Eyes pays 2x.

Symbol Landing three Each additional symbol
Dragon’s Eye 1 1
Golden Dragon 0.8 0.8
Red Dragon 0.7 0.7
Green Dragon 0.6 0.6
Purple Dragon 0.5 0.5
Yellow Dragon Egg 0.4 0.4
Red Dragon Egg 0.3 0.3
Green Dragon Egg 0.2 0.2
Purple Dragon Egg 0.1 0.1

The reels sometimes set on fire, which means a wild is coming. The can fill entire reels, leading to big wins.

A Dragon Fire Egg, which looks like a crystal, increases the prize multiplier. These are very rare, however.

Your final symbol is the Dragon Spins scatter. Three of these starts the game’s bonus feature.

What Are The Bonus Features?

Dragon’s Fire Infinireels unique reels are a feature in themselves. Wins see an extra reel added, and your win locked in place. Yet more reels appear if that spin wins, too, with no limit to how many reels are on screen. We reached seven reels at one stage of our testing. The reels reset to three if you do not trigger a win.

The Dragon Spin bonus round is challenging to trigger. Our playthrough took more than 427 spins before we finally triggered it. A symbol is randomly selected before your eight free spins take place. This is the only paying symbol that appears during your Dragon’s Fire Infinireels free spins.

Fire Eggs, Fire Wilds, and +2 Spins are the other symbols present during the free spins round. Landing a win adds another reel like in the base game. Reels do not reset when you do not win, which leads to potentially huge wins.


Red Tiger should be applauded for trying something different. Dragon’s Fire Infinireels is different in how it looks and plays, but it will not be to everyone’s taste.

The infinireels engine has not taken the online casino world by storm. This is because it is something of an anti-climax. Your reels build up, as does the excitement, then it is taken away.

A potential huge maximum win will draw players to Dragon’s Fire Infinireels for obvious reasons. The awfully low RTP will keep as many players away, however. The free spins feature takes forever to hit and is not that good when it does land. There is a good chance dragons were real and died out waiting for this bonus round to hit.