Keep Your Cool at the Casino

It is vitally important to keep your cool when playing pokies and casino games. Losing your temper or having a negative mindset is not conducive to being profitable.

Have you heard of the term being on tilt? It stems from the security measures manufacturers put into physical pokies. The machine would go on tilt, that is stop working and sound an alarm, if anyone tried tampering with it, hitting it etc. Operators reset the machine before it was good to go again.

You go on tilt if you fail to keep your cool. Your bets become erratic, you take more risks, and the casino loves it because you stack the odds against you more than they already are.

There is not a single person on the planet who has not experienced anger or disappointing when gambling. I come from a poker background where you can play perfectly yet still lose. Lady Luck is a cruel mistress at times and she makes it difficult to keep your cool. The following tips will help you keep your cool at the tables, hopefully.

Keep Your Cool By Understanding How Casinos Work

Avoiding having a negative mindset is crucial to success in gambling, which makes this first point strange. Go into an online casino session expecting to lose! This sounds obscene, but it is the first step in learning how to keep your cool.

Casinos do not offer their services to keep you entertained. They are there to make money and lots of it. They do this by stacking the odds in their favour, which is called the house edge. It only takes a couple of per cent in the casino’s favour for them to rake in huge sums of money.

A typical online pokie has an RTP (Return To Player) of 96%. This means you receive $96 for every $100 you wager. Software developers arrive at this figure over billions of spins. The figure fluctuates wildly in the short term, which is why we often win big but will settle on 96% if you play long enough.

Table games work much the same way. Betting on a single number in roulette, for example, pays 35-to-1. Your chances of hitting a single number are 38-to-1, however. Understand you are expected to lose when playing at the casino and any win is just a bonus.

Do Not Think In Monetary Terms

Poker and casino players measure their success in terms of money. We use money to gamble with and win or lose money. Everything is money related, but try to think outside the box and consider pokies as a video game.

Think of your bankroll and bets as points instead of money. For example, you have $200 in your bankroll and play pokies at $0.50 per spin. Consider your bankroll 400 spins ($200/$0.50) and each $0.50 bet as one point. It is easier to keep your cool after losing 100 points than losing $100.

Casinos use chips for this very reason. Not having monetary value attached to bets means players take more risks. They toss in a couple of chips, forgetting each chip is worth $10. Play the casinos at their own game!

Gamble For The Right Reasons

Keep your cool at the casino by gambling for the right reasons. Never head to the casino or fire up an online casino with the sole aim to win money. You want to make money, of course, you do, but we already know we are guaranteed to lose in the long run.

Play pokies and casino games for fun instead. Enjoy spending time with your friends, letting your hair down, and having a laugh. Do not gamble if you are desperate for funds because losing in this situation is disastrous.

Enjoy yourself, keep your cool, keep your fingers crossed and when the fun stops, stop.