Handy Tips For Playing Online Pokies

Check out these handy tips for playing online pokies profitably.

Poker machines are big business for casinos around the world. This is true when it comes to virtual casinos and their online pokies. GunsBet casino has more than 3,000 online pokies while CobraCasino has over 1,250 online pokies to try out. All these machines are different but the mechanics are similar. Arming yourself with a little background knowledge can go a long way when it comes to beating casinos at their own game.

Online Pokies Are Never Due To Win

You need to have the correct mindset to be a successful online pokies player. This means doing away with any gambling-related nonsense you have heard over the years. Online pokies use a Random Number Generator, or RNG, ensuring each spin is random and, therefore, fair.

The machines are never due to pay out big. It does not matter if you have sunk $100 into a pokie, it does not mean it will pay out big soon. Payouts are as random as random can be.

Noticing higher-value symbols appearing more frequently is not a sign a big payout looms either. Seeing these is merely a coincidence.

Nobody, not even the online pokies developers, can accurately predict when big wins are on the horizon. Banish these thoughts from your mind and get on with enjoying playing the game.

Try Playing Higher Denominations When Playing Online Pokies

Anyone who frequents these pages knows Pokies is an advocate for solid bankroll management and responsible gambling. You may wonder why, if that is the case, we are saying play for as high stakes as you can afford. Here is why.

Imagine a casino’s online pokies gives you the option to make two $1 bets or a single $2 bet, what should you do? Go with the $2 bet because it maximises your potential winnings. Betting lower denominations gives you more spins, but the wins from those spins are smaller.

Furthermore, some online pokies only pay their largest prizes if your bet size is a certain amount. Always look at the terms and conditions of any game you play.

Play As Many Paylines As Your Bankroll Allows

Modern online pokies have a plethora of betting options. These include the number of paylines, or winlines. Always play with as many active paylines as possible, even if this means betting smaller amounts.

For example, Pokie A gives you the choice of betting $1 on one payline, or $0.10 on 10 paylines. Always opt for the latter. This seems the complete opposite advice of the previous online pokies tip but it is not. More paylines means more chances of a winning spin. We adjust our bets to maximise potential profits. We still bet $1 per spin in our example but have more chances of winning.

Choose Games With a High RTP

Casinos measure their house edge using a figure known as RTP. This acronym stands for Return To Player and is almost always displayed as a percentage. Those machines with a 95% RTP have a 5% house edge. This means you win $95 for every $100 wagered if you played the machine an infinite number of times. Remember, these machines are truly random.

It is not always the case, but online pokies with lower RTP tend to have larger maximum payouts. Online casinos do not offer large wins and jackpots for the love of the game. Nor do they pay these wins from their own deep pockets. Money generated from the poker machine’s RTP pays for all the wins and jackpots. It makes sense, therefore, for casinos to have lower RTPs because it means more money in their pockets when all the payouts are accounted for.