Aussie Star Addamo Wins WPT Montreal Super High Roller

Australian poker star Michael Addamo is the WPT Montreal Super High Roller champion. The man from Melbourne added US$450,076 to the eight figures he’s already won with this latest victory.

Addamo is one of Australia’s many poker refugees. The world’s major online poker sites no longer offer their services to Australians so many top players left the country. Addamo has lived in Thailand, the United Kingdom, and has won online events from Canada and Mexico. Here’s hoping that he can head home and grind from Australia one day.

WPT Montreal Super High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Michael Addamo United Kingdom $450,076
2 Jon Van Fleet Canada $280,687
3 Benjamin Rolle Austria $182,430
4 Matthias Eibinger Austria $130,521
5 Mikita Badziakouski Slovenia $98,434
6 Justin Bonomo Canada $77,647
7 Arnaud Enselme United Kingdom $64,956

This latest victory came in the WPT Montreal Super High Roller event at partypoker. The tournament should have taken place in Montreal, but COVID-19 trashed those plans.

Sixty-people bought in for the princely sum of US$25,500 and created a US$1,500,000 prize pool. The top 11 players cashed, with a min-cash weighing in at US$50,847. Slovenia’s Rok Gostisa won this amount, as did Rui Ferreira. Finnish star Eelis Parssinen and Jordi Urlings banked US$56,776 for their efforts.

The seven-handed final table of the WPT Montreal Super High Roller was a star-studded affair. Addamo wasn’t even the biggest winner at the final table despite having more than US$10 million in winnings!

First Exit From The Final Table

Arnaud Enselme was the first finalist to bust. He committed his stack with pocket aces and found himself against a pair of eights held by Matthias Eibinger. Enselme’s Austrian opponent improved to an unlikely straight on the turn to reduce the player count by one.

Justin Bonomo was the next to fall. Bonomo has more than US$49 million in live poker tournament winnings! Bonomo’s run in the WPT Montreal Super High Roller ended with him pushing all-in for 9.5 big blinds with ace-ten and running into Benjamin Rolle’s dominating ace-queen.

Belarusian pro Mikita Badziakouski fell in fifth-place. The partypoker sponsored player jammed 19 big blinds into the middle with king-jack. Rolle woke up with another monster hand, ace-king, and called. Rolle’s hand held, Badziakouski busted, and the surviving players locked up a six-figure prize.

Fourth-place and $130,521 went to Eibinger. Again, king-jack was no good this time. Eibinger and Addamo got into a raising war that resulted in Eibinger being all-in. Addamo held ace-ten and Eibinger king-jack. An ace on the flop proved enough to award Addamo the pot.

Addamo Busts Dangerous Opponent

Addamo sent Rolle to the rail in third place and claimed the overall chip lead. The Aussie star’s nine-eight of diamonds turned a flush against Rolle’s flopped straight. Rolle couldn’t get away from such a strong hand against an aggressive opponent and he had to make do with a US$182,430 consolation prize.

The WPT Montreal Super High Roller event was now heads up with Addamo in pole position. Addamo rarely loses from such a commanding position and this wasn’t one of those rare times.

Our hero flopped a set of sevens and expertly allowed Jon Van Fleet to hand over his stack. Van Fleet had a straight draw on the turn, however, he missed the river. Van Fleet moved all-in with nothing but ace-high and Addamo looked him up. Second place weighed in at US$280,687 for Van Fleet, leaving Addamo to bank US$450,076.

The poker community is now wondering which event Addamo will win next. There are a handful of high stakes tournaments remaining on the schedule and Addamo is likely to play them all.

Addamo missed out on being inducted into the Australian Hall of Fame in 2020. That honour went to Kahle Burns and Lynn Gilmartin. He was, however, crowned the 2020 Young Achiever. He is nailed on for a HOF berth if he carries on this incredible form.