Three Online Pokies Statistics To Consider

online pokies come in all shapes and sizes and with a wealth of statistics. These are three of the most important ones

Australians are spoiled for choice when it comes to playing online pokies. Head to Ozwin Casino, GunsBet, or any of the other online casino partners we offer and you’ll find thousands, literally, of online pokies to choose from.

Every poker machine is built differently from the next and each player prefers different features. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, as the saying goes. It is all down to personal preference. My favourite? I’m a fan of medium volatility online pokies. You may prefer those machines with low or high variance.

Software providers list several statistics about their machines. These figures appear at online casino’s too, but they’re definitely found on the provider’s websites. There are several figures to be aware of, but these are the three online pokies statistics to pay close attention to.

Online Pokies Have Various RTP Rates

RTP is the abbreviation for Return To Player which is one of the key statistics to look out for. Return To Player figures are displayed as a percentage and vary from machine to machine.

RTP is an important factor when it comes to online pokies because it is essentially the house edge. This figure shows how much money, on average, you’ll win back for every $100 you feed the machine.

For example, a machine with a 97% RTP returns $97 for every $100 you wager.

Developers come to this theoretical figure over billions of spins. You’re not going to make billions of spins, but it is a good indicator for how a machine plays.

Machines are with a higher RTP are preferable to those with lower figures. The majority of online pokies have an RTP between 95-97% although some are higher. Machines with RTPs higher than 98% are as rare as hen’s teeth, however.

What Is Volatility

Variance is something you have heard about if you have ever played poker. Online pokies come with varying degrees of variance or volatility. Casinos don’t often show this information, but you can find it on software developers’ websites.

Some rate volatility from 1-10 with others preferring a 1-5 scale. Both give you some indication into how the machine distributes winnings.

A low volatile machine pays out smaller wins less frequently. Big wins are rarer too. Conversely, a high variance machine awards larger wins but spaced further apart. Again, its smaller payouts are fewer to compensate for these big wins. It is possible for either type to pay out small or large wins. The volatility just indicates what the machine is like over a massive sample of spins.

Online pokies typically pair higher RTP with lower volatility and vice versa. Lower variance machines are aimed at the more recreational players. The opposite is true of higher variance machines.

Why Hit Frequency Is Important To Pokies Players

Hit frequency is another statistic online pokies providers don’t readily share but it is important. This stat shows how many, on average, a machine features a winning spin. These wins can be from a single cent right up to a $750,000 jackpot.

This is displayed as a percentage like RTP. A machine with a 25% hit frequency has winning spins once in every four spins, for example. You’ll win more often or less frequently that the hit frequency show, but the percentage gives you an idea of what to expect.

A perfect pokie would have a high RTP, low volatility, and high hit frequency. Such a machine doesn’t exist, we’ve not found it yet! This means you’re unlikely to find the perfect poker machine but you can hunt for one that ticks all your boxes. Some people prefer waiting for big wins, others like lots of frequent smaller wins. The choice is yours, just ensure you always play within your bankroll’s limits regardless of your online pokies preferences.