Tips For Successful Sports Betting

Follow these sports betting tips if you want immediate and continued success

People who love taking on an online casino tend to enjoy a flutter in other forms of gambling. They play the lottery, buy scratchies, or bet on sports with sports betting proving popular.

Sports betting and casino games go hand in hand. Both sets of players try beating the odds set to win money from the house. Both come with their own strategies and both have bankroll management rules.

Focus On One Aspect Of Sports Betting

It pays to focus on one sports betting format, such as football, tennis or horse racing. The majority of successful gamblers focus on one particular sport and focus their attention on it. Casino gamblers are similar. Some focus on blackjack, others become roulette experts. Most readers of these pages specialise in pokies, obviously!

Why should you concentrate on one sport? Because you dedicate your time to developing encyclopedic knowledge about your chosen sport.

Winning consistently from sports betting isn’t easy. Everyone would do it if it was! Bookmakers stack the odds against you to create what is essentially a house edge. Then there are the natural variables sports produces. How many times have you seen a team such as Liverpool falter to weak opposition? Knowing everything about your chosen sport gives you a fighting chance against the bookie.

Do Your Sports Betting Research

Have you heard the term punter when it comes to sports betting? These are the gamblers who stick $50 on a horse winning because they like its name. Sports betting sites love punters because they are always net losers. They win sometimes, of course they do, but Lady Luck always catches up with them and they hand money to the house.

Research everything you can before parting company with your hard-earned money. Football, for example, has a ton of areas to study and research. Team news is one of the most important for obvious reasons. Having key players missing vastly improves the chances of the other team winning.

Form is another factor to look into. Teams that are on a winning streak play with more freedom and confidence. Conversely, those enduring a losing spell make more mistakes because they’re desperate for a victory.

The weather is one area often overlooked by all but the most seasoned sports betting experts. Some teams play a slick passing game so the quality of the pitch becomes a factor. Balls don’t travel as well on a wet, heavy pitch, for example. Temperature plays an important role, too. Hot temperatures cause players to tire quicker so fitter teams shine brighter. It is more difficult to predict the influence cold weather has. Players can “not be up for it” when the weather is poor. Also, some stadiums are known for being freezing cold. Stoke City of the English Championship, has one of the coldest grounds in English football. Opposition players often struggle playing there during the winter months.

Avoid Multiple Option Bets / Bet Wisely

Accumulator or parlay bets are popular with bettors because they offer big payouts. They offer big payouts because the odds are larger, meaning the chances of your bet coming in are reduced. Bookies love those who have six or seven team accumulators. They actively encourage these bets. Any variables are magnified when there is more than one match to consider.

I advise avoiding betting on games where your favourite team or player is in action. Always bet with your head and not your heart. I have lost count of the amount of money I’ve lost betting on my football team because I want them to win a fixture.

Only ever bet with money you can afford to lose; follow bankroll management. Set aside some money you don’t need for anything else and use this for sports betting. Conservative bettors only wager 1-2% of their bankroll on a single outcome. This means betting $2-$4 if you have a $200 bankroll. More aggressive bettors bet between 3-5%. Continuing this rule means you increase your bet sizes as your bankroll grows. Imagine you bet $4 and won $20, taking your bankroll to $220. A 1% bet now weighs in at $2.20 instead of $2.

In short, always do your research, bet with your head, and never bet with money you can ill afford to lose.