The Most Popular Gambling Superstitions

Superstitions are common throughout the world, especially in the casino world

Humans in all walks of life have superstitions they follow almost religiously. Avoiding crossing on the stairs and not walking under ladders are common. As is not letting a black cat cross your path.

The majority of superstitions have logical reasons at their core. Not crossing on the stairs, for example, stems from passing one another on narrow staircases where the risk of being knocked down them is very real. Likewise, not walking under ladders so that someone working at the top of them can’t drop something onto you.

What about gambling superstitions? There are dozens upon dozens of these. Gamblers believe in luck more than non-gamblers. They believe certain superstitions bring them good luck and stave off bad luck. It’s all poppycock, obviously, but we are all guilty of believing them at some point in our lives.

Gambling Superstitions For Good Luck

The most common gambling superstitions are meant to bring good luck. So-called lucky charms have been around since the beginning of time. Four-leaved clovers, horseshoes, and rabbit’s feet are all considered lucky (not for the rabbit, however!)

You often find casino game players having these lucky charms about their person. Some physically have these charms, others prefer jewellery depicting the items.

Wearing “lucky” garments is another common practice. Professional sportspeople dress left to right or right to left. Some footballers wear the same boots if they scored a goal in a previous match.

People give garments lucky status after stringing together several wins. A roulette player who wore a specific item of clothing when they won big will wear the same clothes the next time they gamble.

Certain colours and numbers are considered lucky, too. The number seven is widely regarded as a lucky number. Why do think sevens are prominent on pokies? The colour red is considered lucky, particularly in Chinese culture. Red items of clothing are often worn by Chinese gamblers plus they like to bet on red on the roulette wheel.

Luck bringing rituals are another form of superstitions. Do you remember the scene in Casino where the craps player gets Sharon Stone to kiss the dice before rolling? This along with crossing fingers, knocking on wood, and kissing your companion are prevalent practices.

Warding Off Bad Luck

Casino players don’t only want to attract good luck, they try to keep bad luck at bay too. Not betting on 13 is popular as 13 is infamous for being unlucky. The fear of the number 13 is real and is called triskaidekaphobia. It’s not uncommon to find hotels to not have a 13th floor or room number 13!

The colour black is considered unlucky, also. This is because black is associated with death.

People cross their fingers for good luck, but what body part should never be crossed while gambling? Your legs are the answer. The crossing of legs is considered to be crossing out your good luck so is advised against.

Certain actions with money are considered bad luck. Gamblers believe you should never count your money at the tables. It doesn’t matter if you play blackjack, roulette, or craps, don’t count your money! It is considered bad etiquette in case anyone else at the table is losing. Pride comes before a fall is what this superstition is based on.

Not playing with $50 bills is another practice gamblers do t ward off bad luck. $50 bills are classed as unlucky in Las Vegas and casinos there won’t pay out in them. It is quite ominous as to the reasons why. Rumours circulated about mafia gangsters putting $50 bills in the pockets of victims before burying them in the Nevada desert!

Respect Others’ Quirk

Superstitions have different meanings in different cultures with some bringing good or bad luck. It’s worth investigating whether or not your actions will cause offence where you’re gambling.

Also, don’t judge people for having their own superstitions. They pay their money and can do what they wish and the same goes for you.