Three Casino Secrets You Never Knew About

We all love a trip to the casino. The flashing lights, the shouts of excitement, and the chance to win money. There are few things on this Earth, for a gambler at least, that come anywhere close. Modern casinos are legit outfits, yet they still harbour secrets. They are in the business of taking your money and do everything they can to get their hands on it. They do this legally, of course.

We have compiled a few of the most common secrets about casinos that most people don’t know about.

Casino Secrets: Luring You In

Casino are specially designed to lure customers through the front door. Designers and psychologists combine during the building stage to ensure everything is perfect.

The sofa you see in the foyer is the colour it is for a reason. The angle and its placement is exact and has a purpose. Even the brightness of the lights is not an accident.

One of the old Las Vegas secrets regards their pokies. It was not uncommon for casinos to set the pokies located near entrances to pay out more frequently. Ramping the RTP, which lowers the house edge, means players win more often. Winning players attract new customers so it makes perfect sense when you think about it.

The Do Everything To Keep You Inside the Casino

Now you know casinos try every trick in the book to attract you. This leads us onto the next in our list of casino secrets, the fact they do everything to keep you inside and gambling.

Have you ever noticed there are no clocks or windows in the casino? Three in the afternoon is the exact same as three in the morning to a casino. Removing visual aids that help you gauge how long you’ve been playing keeps you in the property.

Another popular trick is to ply customers with free food and drink. Gifting customers free alcoholic beverages lowers the drinker’s inhibitions. Those players are more likely to bet more and for longer. There is also an increased chance they’ll try games that are new to them.

It isn’t only free drinks casinos offer, they often comp your meals in the restaurant. Las Vegas casinos probably give more free buffet tickets away than anywhere on the planet. People think to themselves “they love me, they gave me a $20 buffet ticket.” What they fail to realise is they dumped $200 playing blackjack. That’s a good return for the casino!

Trying free food and drinks make that person more likely to come back at a later date and actually be a paying customer. Casinos make no secrets about wanting you to use all their facilities. Their food and drink have huge mark-up on it.

You’re Being Watched and Profiled

A casino is one of the safest places you can be. The pit bosses and other members of staff are ever vigilant. Then there are the masses of security cameras; they are everywhere. Some of the cameras are in plain sight, others hidden around the casino. This is for your safety, of course, but also to protect the casinos assets.

Security experts know all the secrets when it comes to cheating. Casinos even employ former cheaters to help them spot potential cheating taking place. There is potential for the casino to lose a lot of money through cheaters so they do everything they can to prevent it.

Everyone having profiles built for them is one of the casino secrets not many know about. The casino uses these profiles to extract more money from their customers. Those customers who become regular visits to the venue have large profiles. The casino knows what they like to drink, what they like to eat, and what they like to play.

Compiling a customer profile makes sense for casinos. They know if a player is more likely to return to the gaming tables if they’ve had three drinks and something to eat. Low and behold, this player will suddenly receive free drinks and a buffet ticket!

While these aren’t the deepest, darkest casino secrets, you should be aware of them. They’re all above board but are designed to relieve you of your money. Good luck!