Four Essentials For a Trip to the Casino

There are few things as exciting as a trip to the casino if you love to gamble. The flashing lights of the pokies, the chirping of chips, and the cheers from the crowds. Everything adds up to a fantastic scene, plus you can win money. It’s easy to see why a trip to the casino is often the highlight of an Australian’s week.

Taking a trip to the casino is one of life’s pleasures. Make the most of your night out by following the handful of tips below.

Don’t Take a Trip to the Casino Without a Mask and Hand Sanitiser

I’m one of the fortunate people whose job has allowed them to travel the world. I’ve visited dozens of the biggest casinos on the planet and been paid for the privilege. Hand sanitiser is one item I always take with me when I take a trip to the casino.

Doing this, along with a face mask, is crucial in today’s climate. The COVID-19 pandemic has the world in its grasp and is showing no signs of going away. Keeping your hands clean is vital to protect you and other casino players. As is a mask or face covering. This only applies to visiting somewhere like Crown Melbourne and not online casinos, obviously!

Only Take a Trip to the Casino When You Have a Clear Mind

People gamble for different reasons. Some love the challenge of trying to beat the house edge. Others take a trip to the casino to blow off some steam after a hard week at work. Always make sure you gamble with a clear head regardless of your reasons for the casino visit.

Gambling when tired or stressed is as bad, if not worse, than gambling drunk. Most humans make rash decisions when under pressure, it’s just how we’re made. You need all your faculties about you if you’re to beat the casino on its home turf.

Australian casinos offer more than gambling at their properties. Take in a show, have a few drinks at the bar, or enjoy some tasty food if you’re mind isn’t in the game for whatever reason. Taking a trip to the casino doesn’t always have to end in your playing blackjack, roulette, or whatever.

Limit Your Losses With Bankroll Management

It’s easy to get carried away and gamble more than you intended to. Casino designers are clever, the whole operation is designed to relieve you of your money. Ever notice there are no windows or clocks anywhere? This is so you lose track of time. Casino chips are used for security reasons, but also to distance gamblers from the fact they’re playing with real money.

Prevent big losses by setting yourself a loss limit and by following bankroll management. Only take the money you’re prepared to lose and bet accordingly. Don’t go betting $20 a hand at blackjack if you only have $100 to spend. Your trip to the casino won’t last long. Everyone is different when it comes to available funds. Don’t try “keeping up with the Jones’” bet with what you can afford.

Knowledge Is Power

Don’t take a trip to the casino without arming yourself with knowledge of the games you’ll play. Knowledge is power and helps reduce the dreaded house edge.

Casinos love gamblers who jump into games they don’t have a clue about. Punters don’t know the optimal strategy so make sucker bets that ultimately go to the house.

There’s a wealth of information about casino game strategy on the internet. There’s a ton of it on this very website. Know what bets to make and not to make when playing roulette. Learn some basic blackjack strategy before you sit at the table. Hell, even print a “cheat sheet” off and have it on the table to guide you. The casino won’t mind, they’ll probably even give you preferential treatment because they’ll think you don’t know what you’re doing!

Enjoy yourself above all else. Taking a trip to the casino, especially with friends and family, is a joyous occasion. Make the most of it and if you win you win. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t.