Preparing For When Casinos Reopen

We’re all waiting with bated breath for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to give the green light for casinos to reopen. Online casinos are great fun, but there will be an influx of gambler stepping away from their computers when Australian casinos reopen.

Aussie casinos have been closed since March. Morrison ordered them closed to help stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. Plans are afoot to allow casinos reopen their doors to the public. Mid-July is the approximate date circulating right now, giving us a month to prepare for when casinos reopen.

Nobody knows what the landscape will be like for casinos. It will be a different environment from what we’re used to, that’s for certain. There are steps you can take to prepare for when casinos reopen; they’re listed below.

Expect Strict Hygiene Standards When Casinos Reopen

Very strict hygiene practices will be the norm when casinos reopen. Everyone, including casino employees, is expected to regularly use hand sanitiser. Staff will sanitise high traffic areas, including ATMs and pokies, with tables and seats sanitised when players sit at or leave a table game.

Some casinos in other countries have already reopened and are using plastic screens at the tables. These clear screens separate players and put a barrier between players and dealers.

You should be washing your hands regularly anyway, but more so when casinos reopen. Chips, cards, and surfaces are touched by dozens, if not hundreds of different people. You don’t know the history of their hygiene standards. It’s worth your time investing in some disposable gloves you can discard when you change games etc.

Also, don’t be surprised if you’re told face masks are required. The mandatory wearing of masks is in force around the world. Expect this to be in place when Australian casinos reopen.

Comply With Social Distancing Measures When Casinos Reopen

Being unable to implement social distancing measures is one of the main reasons casinos closed in the first place. Playing at a live casino is a social event. You get to chat with friends, fellow gamblers, and the casino’s staff. This will still be possible, but measures are being taken to keep that all-important two-meter gap.

Fewer seats at table games such as roulette and blackjack are expected. It’s also unlikely that when casinos reopen that you can play all pokies. Crown Resorts tried to stay open by turning off half their pokies. It didn’t work then, but a similar plan is likely to be in place for the grand reopening.

One-way systems are another social distancing measure taken by casinos around the world. Stores and supermarkets have these in place, casinos will copy them. They’re a necessary evil, unfortunately. It may be a pain having to walk all the way around an area to reach the game you want. The alternative is not having casino reopen. Which do you prefer?

Take Advantage Of Offers, But Support Your Casino

The COVID-19 has hit casinos hard with all losing vast sums of money. The virus is reshaping the casino and hotel industry and each venue is fighting for your business.

This means you they’re offering deals and special offers. Discounted food, drinks, and hotel rooms are expected. Take advantage of these offers by all means, but also support your casino in the coming weeks and months.

Eat one of the casino’s restaurants if you usually have a meal before going to the casino. Book a room as a treat and use the casino’s facility. It’s true they make astronomical sums of money when they’re busy, but casinos are reeling right now. They need people through the door and bums on seats to remain viable. The alternative doesn’t even bear thinking about.