Young Adelaide Dad is Set For Life

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in thousands of Australians losing their jobs. These are testing times indeed, especially if you have children to provide for. An Australian dad is now set for life after scooping the top prize in The Lott game with the same name.

A 20-something dad from Adelaide recently lost his job and was worried about how to provide for his family. He’d previously purchased a Set For Life ticket for draw 1711 but never thought he’s win. Who actually believes they’re going to win the lottery? It’s something dreams are made of.

The draw happened on April 12 and the anonymous player thought nothing about it. He checked his ticket before heading to bed for the night and was greeted with an incredible surprise.

His numbers, 6, 11, 12, 13, 25, 32, and 43 were displayed on the screen. As were the bonus numbers 9 and 16! He’d won the Set For Life lottery division one game! $20,000 a month for 20-years is the top prize, which equates to $4.8 million! The lucky winner went from worrying about his future to securing his family’s future in an instant.

The Future’s Bright For Set For Life Winner

The lucky winner is delighted with his new found fortune. He talked to The Lott about his epic win.

“I checked my online account last night and saw I had won. I woke up my wife to tell her and she screamed. It’s unbelievable! I check my online account so many times to see if it was real. We did not sleep a wink. We stayed up all night watching TV and talking about what we’re going to do. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

He continued. “We are a young family and we have a baby, so this will set us up for the rest of our lives. I recently lost my job because of COVID-19, and so this just gives me complete relief. I have been so stressed later, but now I am so happy.”

The family plans to purchase a new car, go on holiday once allowed, and buy their dream house.

“This gives us complete financial freedom. The possibilities are endless with this prize. This is a great feeling to have. I couldn’t be happier. My wife has already made many, many plans! What can’t you do with this prize is the question.”

Almost $300 Million Awarded

This latest win takes the total Set For Life real money prize to almost $300 million. The Lott has paid out $297.6 million to 62 winners since it began in August 2015.

The life-changing draw on April 12 also so one player won $5,000 a month for a year. Thousands of other players shared more than $355,000. Prizes ranged from $8.35 to $1,565.95.

Set For Life lotteries are growing increasingly popular in Australia and around the world. The overall top prizes are lower, but the chances of winning are better than traditional lottery games.

Players select seven numbers from 1 to 44, plus two bonus numbers. Eight divisions award prizes for matching as little as three winning numbers and a bonus number. Matching all seven numbers awards the $20,000 a month for 20-years.

Matching all seven numbers has odds of 38,325,568 to 1. Six numbers and a bonus ball weighs in at 2,737,183 to 1. These are still long shots but the lower division prizes are much easier to hit.

For example three winnings numbers plus a bonus number is only 80 to 1. Four numbers is 167 to 1 and four numbers plus a bonus comes in at 894 to 1. Odds of 3,067 to 1 are for matching five numbers. Five numbers plus a bonus is 25,701 to 1. Finally, six numbers if 156,411 to 1 on the Set For Life game.