Dispelling Common Casino Myths

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, none more so than gamblers. Casinos are not exempt from myths about corruption and cheating, in fact they are rife.

Gamblers don’t like to lose. That is a cold, hard fact. Nobody likes losing if you actually think about it. Why would they? It’s not a pleasurable experience as a rule. Who is to blame when you lose? Poker players blame everything but themselves when they lose a hand. Pokies and table game players do the same.

Casino players tend to think they’ve been cheated when they lose instead of realising Lady Luck wasn’t on their side. They conjure up all sorts of weird and wonderful stories, leading to the creation of casino myths. Here are some of the most popular myths and why they are exactly that and not the truth.

Common Myths: Casinos Rig Their Games

The rigging of table games is the most common of casino myths you’ll come across. Some players actually believe casinos use “bent” roulette wheels or stack the blackjack deck in their favour. They also, wrongly, believe pokies are set to not pay out.

It is possible to rig pokies and table games, especially online, but why would a casino do this? They already stack the odds in their favour through legitimate means and tell you they’re doing it.

Roulette, for example, pays out 35-to-1 on a single number yet the numbers go from 0 to 36. Pokies proudly display their Return To Player (RTP) figures before you even insert a coin. These legal systems earn the casinos millions of dollars in the long run.

Nobody would ever play any casino games ever again if a casino was caught cheating. That license to essentially print money suddenly disappears. Then there are the massive fines they’d receive for breaking their license’s terms. It’s not worth it for a casino to rig their games, thus dispelling one of the common myths.

The Blackjack Insurance Myths

“The dealer never has blackjack when I buy insurance” is another of the casino myths doing the round. This is entirely untrue, like all casino-related myths.

Human brains are programmed to remember negative experiences. This is part of our evolution and stops us from making costly or dangerous mistakes. We remember the times when we bought insurance and didn’t get paid out more often than the opposite. This leads us to believe these myths are true.

The problem with buying blackjack insurance is buying it in the first place. It’s a massively losing bet that adds to the house edge. Buying blackjack insurance has a 7.4% house edge. It’s not myths that you need to worry about, it’s this daylight robbery!

The Cashout Curse

How many times have you cursed your luck shortly after cashing out your casino winnings? I bet it is more times than you can remember. The dreaded cashout curse is one of the casino myths everyone seems to believe in.

You can dispel this with some logical thinking, just like all myths. Think of it this way, why are you making a sizeable withdrawal? It’s because you’ve been winning, correct? The reason you’ve been winning is you’ve defied the odds set by the casino. You’ve been riding the variance wave spectacularly. You’ve got used to winning more than your fair share of times and any losses experienced now will seem heavier.

Don’t believe the casino myths you hear from friends or read about online. Myths are exactly that and they’re not worth worrying about.

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