How to Make the Most Of Visiting a Casino

Making your first trip to a brick and mortar casino is exciting. There are few things that rival the atmosphere of a busy casino. The bells and sounds of the pokies. Cheers from players whose luck has come in. Chips riffling, chirping like grasshoppers. But what if you have never been to a casino before? What do you actually do? Here is how to make the most out of your first visit to a casino.

Bring Some Identification

You need to make sure you take some photographic identification with you to the casino. Each venue is different as some allow you to play without becoming a member. Others require you to sign-up and log your details. Imagine driving to the casino only to be turned away because you do not have any ID. Do not be that person.

Ask About Welcome Offers

Welcome bonuses are not only reserved for online casino players, live casinos have them too. While you will not be offered hundreds of dollars, you could bag some freebies. Ask at reception if they have any offers for new players. Free pokies spins, a $5 free table game bet or a discounted meal or drinks are common. Take it if it is free because the casino will be happy to take your money!

It is also worth your time asking about any loyalty programmes. Members often receive a membership card that is handed to the dealer of the table games. Pokies also accept this card. You then earn loyalty points as you play each game and can exchange these points for free bets, food, drink and hotel rooms.

Get Your Bearings

Larger casinos can be daunting places. Vast areas of space that is filled with gamblers, casino games and pokies. The sounds and sights can be a little disorientating. Look for where the cashier is, the bar, and toilets. Take some time to walk around your new surroundings to get your bearings. It may be on this little walk around the casino that you find your favourite pokies!

Get Your Hands on Some Chips

Casino chips are used to place bets on table games when you are at a casino. Unlike online where everything is digital, you have to physically put your chips on the table. Some casinos allow you to exchange cash for chips at the table, but it is best to do this beforehand.

Head to the cashier’s desk and ask to swap money for chips. Consider what stakes you are playing and ask for different denominations. There is no point getting $25 chips if you plan to play $0.50 and $1 bets.

It is at the cashier’s desk where you can find the different rules to casino games. They should also have details on the table betting limits for each of the games too.

Remember where this cashier’s desk is because it is where you will exchange your winnings back into cash, hopefully!

Head to a Table Game or Pokies Machine

Now it is time to have some fun. Find a casino game you want to play and observe the table for a few minutes. Playing online is easy as you simply click your mouse, but things are different here. Watch other players and how they place their bets. Keep your ears open for any gambling terminology used. Ask the croupier or dealer if you are unsure of anything and they will be happy to help. They want you to place bets after all.

Take your time when placing your bets because there is no way to rectify mistakes. You cannot take your chips back once they are placed. Allow the dealer to sort your winnings out if you are lucky enough to win. Oh, and do not hand chips to the dealer when you tip them. Toss a chip near them and tell them it is their tip instead.

Make Use Of The Facilities

Casinos are not only about gambling these days, they are entertainment venues. Make use of the facilities while you are at the casino, be it live music or a show, exotic foods or thirst-quenching beverages. Let your hair down, gamble, drink and be merry, but above all enjoy yourself.