The best online casino multi-player games

With everything being done on the internet lately, it’s easy to forget that once upon a time gambling was an interactive activity filled with tons of social gratification. This has been one of the areas that online casinos have been trying to replicate and emulate for years. It is well known that you can certainly sit and enjoy a game of slots all on your own and have gratifying gaming experience for hours on end, the same applies with table games. This kind of gaming experience is certainly necessary and one of the most appealing things about online casino gaming. However, there are times when as a player you may want to enjoy a game with other gambling enthusiasts. This certainly adds an exciting social and competitive element to gambling. Multi-player games make up one of the best sub-sections of online gambling and in fact have grown immensely in popularity. You can play games with friends and also play with other gamblers from anywhere around the globe. There are a variety of Multi-player games that we are going to explore in this post, so take your seat at the table and let’s get started!

Types of Multi-player Games

Pokies “aka” Slots

We Aussies are known for our obsession with pokies aka slot machines! This of course is a known trait of the Australian gambling scene both online and offline. Pokies makes for some of the most exciting and thrilling gambling gaming experiences out there. There are all sorts of slots including multi-line slots that can range anywhere from 9 paylines all the way to 1024 ways to win lined slots. There are progressive jackpots attached to some, with varying themes and embedded bonus features. There is also a number of traditional classic slots with Vegas themes that continue to remain popular. However, in all these multitudes of variety there is also a type of pokie game known as “community slots” or better yet “multi-player” slots. You can enjoy multi-player pokies at various online casino operators and they offer all the interactive elements players seek. Multi-player slots are played in a virtual slot room with other online slot players. Many rooms offer interactive features such as live chat among players and even audio communication for those players who wish to socialise with the other players in the room.

In the virtual room all players can play the slot and when it comes to bonus rounds all the players can participate and even win jackpot prizes together. It really becomes a sort of community where you get to enjoy your favourite slot game with other pokie fanatics. Usually a virtual pokie room has up to six players, you can even decide to organise a group of your own friends and join the same virtual room by logging in to the operator at the same time. You can then enjoy the social elements of gaming, alternatively of course, you can login on your own and interact with other payers and make new gaming connections and friends with mates who have the same interests as you do.

Live & Multi-player Table Games

There is a clear distinction between “Live” table games and “Multi-player” table games. Each type of game however does provide a multi-player social gaming experience each in its own way. Live table games have taken up in popularity since their introduction about a decade ago. As soon as live streaming and webcam features became a standard feature of computers and smart-devices Live casino gambling took on a life form of its own. Today, just about every single online casino operator offers a Live casino gambling experience which includes table games such as Live Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Poker. However, Live casinos aren’t only limited to table games but also include specialty games such as “wheels of fortune” and even Live Bingo games. The awesome thing about joining a live casino is that you get to interact not only with other players but also a real-life dealer, croupier or game announcer. This of course adds an even more entertaining element to the social aspect of gambling. You still get to chat with other players in the virtual room through chat where you can share about strategy ideas and so on.

Multi-player table games work just only slightly differently from Live table games. Perhaps the biggest difference is that instead of playing against a live dealer or croupier you play against a computer. Various gaming developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution and more have “multi-player” table games including Roulette, Blackjack and Poker where you get to play “video style” table games in a virtual room with other players. It works in the same way as a “community pokies” and offers those players who wish to have an interactive table game experience the opportunity to do so.

Some multi-player pokies for our Aussies

Alright, so the idea of playing a multiplayer pokie has caught your attention, which games can you try out? Well there are quite a few out there but we reckon trying out the following three: Wheel of Wealth Multiplayer Slots, No Worries Multi-player slots and Isis Multi-player slots, for more information check out our list of multiplayer slots for Aussies to enjoy.