Dubbo Woman Wins $5 Million Lucky Lotteries Jackpot

Dubbo Lottery Winner

The winner bought her lotto ticket at Talbragar Street Newsagency in Dubbo.

A young mother in the New South Wales city of Dubbo won a AU$5 million lottery jackpot earlier this month. Days passed before the lotteries punter came forward with the winning ticket, though Dubbo residents knew they had a local winning ticket.

NSW Lotteries said a Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot ticket was the source of the lotto winner’s good fortune. She purchased the ticket at Talbragar Street Newsagency in Dubbo. Peter Snare, the owner of Talbragar Street Newsagency, said he considered that the ticker holder was only passing through.

Mr. Snare said he also considered the lottery winner was on vacation and had not returned yet. Snare expressed thrills when he learned the winner lived locally. He added, “The excitement is creating a real buzz in the community.”

Dubbo is a city of over 39,000 residents in the central-west part of New South Wales. Though the town holds a few substantial lottery winners, no one could claim a jackpot as high a $5 million.

Lauren Cooney on Life-Changing Lottery News

NSW Lotteries spokeswoman Lauren Cooney said people in her office joked about the winner being out of the country as the days passed. Cooney said the office staff said things like, “Maybe this player’s Easter break will be able to continue or the rest of their life when they realize they’ve won $4.92 million.”

Once the winner came forward, NSW Lotteries staffed was thrilled for her and her family. Cooney added, “We love delivering life-changing news, and we can’t wait to break this news to our latest division one winner.”

When a Lottery Ticket Goes Unclaimed

The Lott said winning tickets seldom go unclaimed for more than 1 or 2 weeks. When they do, lottery officials publicize the fact a winning ticket remains unclaimed.

In some cases, lotto winners take the time to hire attorneys or accountants before claiming a ticket. It’s a good precaution, because most winners need solid financial and legal advice. It’s best to get a P.O. box and remain anonymous, so scam artists or criminals do not target the winner.

Lottery ticket holders can check their ticket at the point of purchase. They also can check at other lotto vendor locations, through a mobile app, or at the Lott’s online site.

How Long Do Lotteries Allow Ticket Claims?

Different Australian states and territories have different time limits on claiming a ticket. New South Wales allows 6 years for a winner to claim a prize. The Australian Capital Territory also has a 6-year limit, while Queenland allows ticket holders to wait as much as 7 years.

The Northern Territory set its limit at 3 years. Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania have no time limit, though they put unclaimed prizes into a reserve within 6 to 12 months.

Lotto Winner Describes How She Found Out

The winner, who remains anonymous, said she joked to her own family about being the mysterious lottery winner. She described how the family learned about its good fortune.

She said, “We just went for a ride, and I popped into the newsagency to grab the paper for my dad, and I thought I’d better check my ticket!”

The Lucky Lotteries winner said, “I just can’t believe it.”

Dubbo Lottery Says Family Needed the Boost

The Dubbo resident said the past several years had been tough for her family, so the jackpot win proved a great relief for everyone. The winner said she plans to “set her children up for life” and take care of other financial issues within the family. She also plans to give money away to charity.

The lucky winner, who asked to remain anonymous as long as possible, added, “I will be able to do so much with this. There’s so many people I can help.”