Mega Moolah Pokies Breaks Record with a $13 Million Jackpot

Many Australian gamblers love playing pokies games because of the big jackpots that they reach, especially if the game is a progressive pokie. Mega Moolah is a popular progressive pokie that has made many players millions from just a spin of the reels. This well-known progressive jackpot currently has a massive jackpot that has surpassed the 13 million mark and is still climbing.
The last winner of the pokies game was a New Zealand player in June. Since then the prize has not been triggered. According to the Mega Moolah site, the pokies game has an average hit ratio of 27 days for this year, and it has now been over 65 days. The 13 million is counted in British pounds, and it is over 22 million in Australian dollars.

mega moolah jackpot breaks record

Breaking the UK Slot Jackpot Record

If a UK player wins the jackpot, it will be the biggest Pound slot prize. The current British slot record holder from a Mega Moolah pokie is Jonathon Heywood. He hit the jackpot which was at £13.2 million in October 2015. So far, the current progressive jackpot has surpassed that amount.
When Jonathon Heywood won the jackpot, he set a world record that was confirmed by Guinness as the biggest online pokies jackpot win.  The prize money was converted into Euros, and it amounted to €17 880 990; hence it set a world record.
The current prize may not break the record because of the depreciating value of the British Pound. Which means that, even if a UK player wins the current jackpot, when converted to Euros it will not be bigger than that of Jonathon Heywood.

About Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is an online pokies game from Microgaming, and it features four progressive jackpots. The current prize is the biggest jackpot from the games which is known as the Mega Jackpot. Then there is the Major, Minor and Mini Jackpots.
The pokies game features five reels that have 25 paylines and has a jungle safari them. It has an RTP of 94% and is accessible from your desktop, mobile smartphones and tablets.