Sportsbet Wins Trademark Battle Against Crownbet

Sportsbet, Australia’s most popular bookmaker, has succeeded in its court injunction to block rival Crownbet from rebranding as “Sportingbet”. However, the court’s order is only temporary. Read on.

Crownbet’s Plan to Rebrand

Earlier in June, The Australian reported Crownbet’s intentions to change its name into Sportingbet. This comes after Crownbet’s parent company, The Stars Group, purchased William Hill’s Australian business. Crownbet CEO Matt Tripp and his father Alan have owned the Sportingbet brand previously. In other words, the recent move to rebrand was in a bid to revive the name for its online gambling services including online football betting.
However, Sportsbet, which is owned by Paddy Power Betfair, filed a lawsuit claiming that Crownbet was threatening to violate its “Sportsbet” trademark by wanting to trademark as “Sportingbet”.  Sportsbet argued that the names were substantially similar and would deceive and mislead customers.
“Sportsbet is taking court action to protect the Sportsbet brand, and Australian consumers, from being misled in the market between Sportsbet and a Sportingbet brand,” said a Sportsbet spokesperson previously.

Sportsbet’s Temporary Victory

On Wednesday, the Federal Court sided with Sportsbet’s injunction – blocking Crownbet’s rebrand.
“This decision demonstrates that the court shares our concern regarding the likelihood that consumers will be misled into thinking services offered under a Sportingbet brand are connected or associated with Sportsbet,” said Sportsbet in a statement.
“Sportsbet will continue to take all necessary action to protect its brand and prevent deception in the market and will see the matter through to a final determination, if necessary,” the company added.
Crownbet said it was reviewing the order and checking what options the company had.
“We’re obviously disappointed and will examine the decision closely and consider all options available to us,” said a Crownbet spokesman.
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