Peter Hoang Murder Inquest Reveals New Details

Peter Hoang is an infamous high roller who was murdered in Australia in 2014. Hoang came to Australia as an immigrant on a refugee visa. He mysteriously became a high roller at Australia’s top casinos, gambling about AU$90 million over a period of 12 years before being murdered. The ongoing investigation has shed more light on why the infamous high roller may have been murdered.

The Day the Infamous High Roller Was Killed

According to the investigators, Peter Hoang received a mysterious text message to meet at a McDonald’s in Sydney on the day he was killed. The notorious high-roller was seen leaving the McDonald’s and later shot by a mystery man who sped off in what is thought to be a white hatchback.  This was back in September 2014. The text message sent to his encrypted Blackberry mobile device was later erased.

Peter Hoang’s Notorious High Roller Status

It is unknown how Peter Hoang was able to earn and gamble millions. He first gained notoriety after he was arrested in 2012 at Crown Casino Melbourne, where he was found with AU$1.5Million in cash. He was accused of acquiring the money via criminal activity. Peter Hoang, claimed to have earned the money through his gambling.
Peter Hoang won the lotto twice in 2013 and managed to bag AU$600 000 in lottery winnings. However, that does not account for the millions he gambled at Australian casinos. The scandalous gambler was a VIP player at Melbourne’s Crown Casino. However, he had been banned at The Star Casino in Sydney because of his criminal status.

What’s Next on the Peter Hoang Murder Investigation

The police have reached a dead end on new leads. No one was ever charged with Peter Hoang’s murder. Possibly because Peter Hoang was murdered by suspected members of organised crime syndicates, witnesses are afraid to speak up. The murder case is still open and the millions that Hoang gambled in Australian casinos are still to be accounted for.
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