Poker Pro Bill Jordanou Confesses to Involvement in Ponzi Scheme

Former Aussie poker pro, Bill Jordanou, has admitted to being involved in a Ponzi scheme worth over AU$72 million. The poker pro stood accused of defrauding the patrons of Scoresby, a Melbourne-based accountancy firm, over the course of several years.
The scam is said to have had a severely detrimental impact on the lives of victims, with many even having lost their homes. Following the guilty plea, Jordanou along with his co-accused Robert Zaia are expected to be sentenced sometime in the near future.
Bill Jordanou Ponzi Scheme

Bill Jordanou Scam Explained

Jordanou’s co-accused, Zaia, was a former employee of Scoresby and had access to details of the firm’s wealthy clientele.  Through this access, Zaia and Jordanou were able to obtain loans using the details of Scoresby’s client list, which then allowed the pair to funnel cash from the victims’ accounts. The funds were then used to
It is currently thought that some staff members at the Commonwealth Bank may have been in some way involved with Zaia and Jordanou’s illicit activities. It has been revealed that evidence of the scam had first been revealed to members of the CBA’s management team in 2007 but was then only reported in 2011. Former CBA employee, Brendan Epps is already known to have been part of the scam.
Epps untimely death in 2007 means that there certainly is a chance that other staff members conspired with Zaia and Jordanou. However, the confession from the accused means that Australians may never get to know the full extent of the CBA’s involvement in the scam due to a trial no longer being warranted.

Bill Jordanou Poker Record

Although Bill Jordanou is not Australia’s most reputable poker player, he was able to place at a few big tournaments through his professional career, including coming third in the Aussie Millions. Throughout his career, he was able to cash out AU$592 671 in tournament winnings –  a sum of money that proved not to be enough for the convicted scam artist.
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