Germany, Brazil Fail to Win 2018 FIFA World Cup Openers

Before the 2018 FIFA World Cup officially kicked off, sports bookies around the world had pegged Germany and Brazil as favourites to win the tournament. Fast-forward to the tournament’s first round of the group stage matches, and both of these football powerhouses have failed to win their first game.
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Germany Lose and Brazil Draw in Round 1 of World Cup Group Stage

Germany suffered a shock defeat to Mexico in their first game, after a great strike from Hirving Lozano. The North America striker was able to put the ball past celebrated German goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer for the only goal of the match. Germany, who had been favoured to win the match, was unable to come back from the setback despite having multiple shots on goal.
Although Brazil did not lose the first game, Switzerland was able to hold the five-time World Cup winners to a one-all draw. Brazil initially started off their 2018 campaign well with an absolutely amazing goal scored by Philippe Coutinho in the 20th minute. The team also looked to be dominating the early stages of the game in terms of both shots and possession. However, Switzerland entered the second half determined to fight back and eventually levelled the score soon after play resumed.

World Cup Unpredictable Tournament

The FIFA World Cup is known for being an extremely unpredictable tournament. Although it may seem like some teams are destined to win on paper, this is not always the truth after the actual match is said and done.
The 2018 World Cup itself has already seen a number of surprises. Despite Argentina being another strong favourite to lift the trophy, the team failed to impress against Iceland, being held to a one-all draw. Spain was also held to a three-all draw against Portugal on Friday.
With only the first round of group matches coming to a close, one must remember that there is still a lot of football to be played and circumstances could change. There is also a lot of time to place a good wager on who you think may win the tournament.
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