Floyd Mayweather Leads the Forbes Highest-Paid Athlete List

Undefeated boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather, is at the apex of the Forbes highest-paid athletes list of 2017/2018. The boxer relinquished his position when he retired from boxing, although not for long. The 41-year-old was at the summit of sports highest-earners list, with a whopping AU$360 million. The bulk of his revenue was made up of his highly publicised cross-combat fight against mixed martial arts superstar Conor McGregor last year in August.

Floyd Mayweather Tops Forbes Highest-Paid Athlete List

Forbes Highest-Paid Athlete List Round Up

The 50-0 former boxer also had multi-million-dollar endorsements in between the 1st of June 2017 and June 1st 2018 that propelled him to the top for the fourth time in seven years. His stretch at the top is quite considerable, with the second-placed richest sportsman straddling a staggering AU$196 million behind him. Football star Lionel Messi rounded up the top 5 with AU$145 million in the same period. His rivalry with Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo extends towards their purses too. The recently crowned kings of Europe’s football star was third on the list, with AU$141 million to his name.
In fourth place was highly controversial MMA fighter Conor McGregor, all thanks to his AU$124 million share of the Mayweather versus McGregor bout. With a supposed rematch on the cards, these two athletes could be laughing straight to the bank for a long time. Football superstar, Neymar rounded up the top 5 largely from his record-breaking move from FC Barcelona to French champions Paris Saint-Germain.

Representation of Women in the Forbes Highest-Paid Athlete List

The released Forbes list of 100 highest-paid athlete was another scathing inducement of the vast discrepancy in salaries between sportsmen and women around the world. Indicative of last year’s list that only included tennis star Serena Williams, this year’s list, women sports stars were snubbed completely. Whilst female athletes battle it out to break into the richest athletes’ boys club, you can easily see yourself there as well with some of our amazing casino games for real money. For more of the latest gambling news, keep the dial locked on Pokies.