Aussie Media Banned from Speaking to US Boxer Before Upcoming Fight

Brian McIntyre, manager of US boxer Terence Crawford, has announced that Aussie media will not be allowed to make contact with the fighter ahead of his upcoming match. Crawford is due to challenge for the WBO Welterweight Championship fight against Australian fighter, Jeff Horn, on 9 June.
Suggestions of a possible media ban were first brought to light after Crawford arrived at the MGM Grand and did not speak to any Australian media personnel. McIntyre later confirmed the suspicions, stating that the fighter’s party would not allow Aussie journalists to interview Crawford as they would allegedly “twist [their] words.”

Crawford and Horn Managerial Teams Engage in a War of Words

Despite the lack of verbal exchange between Crawford and Horn, both team’s mangers haven’t shied away from making their feelings known. Horn’s manager first questioned the masculinity of Crawford after the fighter suffered an injury to his hand, forcing the championship match to be delayed a few months.
McIntyre has since retaliated in defence of Crawford, stating that the fighter’s party will be sure to bring the belt over to Australia so that fans can look at it after Crawford wins it. It may have been these two incidents that resulted in McIntyre banning Australian media from the pre-match up media sessions.

Betting Odds on Horn Vs Crawford Bout

Those looking to place a few good wagers on the upcoming fight should know that most bookies have put the odds in favour of Crawford, despite Horn being the reigning champion. Perhaps the reasoning behind this decision may be the fact that Crawford remains undefeated in all his professional career.
It is worth pointing out that Horn won the WBO Welterweight belt off the esteemed Manny Pacquiao in a match that proved to be very controversial in July last year. He also successfully defended the title against Gary Corcoran since then.
If the words of the two fighters’ management teams are anything to go by, it seems as though this fight is going to be hot. Remember that any Aussie looking to make this matchup a little more interesting with a good old bet should have a good look at our sports betting page. You will be sure to find a good casino to place the bet at there!