Universal Entertainment Corporation Plans to go Global

Universal Entertainment Corporation is a Japanese pachinko, arcade and pokies games manufacturer that hopes to take its gambling subsidiary global. The casino games operator looks to expand their operations into Australia and the rest of the world within the following two years.
Universal Entertainment Corporation

Universal Entertainment Corporation’s Expansion Plans

Universal Entertainment Corporation plans to expand to raise their growth and accelerate their name recognition. The corporation revealed their plans for expansion on 14 May with their first-quarter financial results. However, they have not disclosed which bourse will be appointed with managing the planned launch.
A statement from Universal Entertainment Corporation reported that the details of the expansion will be revealed as soon as it is finalised.

Other Universal Entertainment Corporation Casino Resorts

The corporation is accountable for the $2 billion integration of the Philippines Okada Manila casino resort. Last week, Universal Entertainment Corporation declared that adding additional rooms to the Manila hotel facility is their main priority for this year.
A report by the GGRAsia specified that on Monday they saw the corporation say that it is currently in a dilemma due to Kazuo Okada, the former Chairman. The company is facing criminal complaints and lawsuits in several jurisdictions because of the Japanese billionaire. The firm declared that lawsuits in Macau, the United States, the Philippines and Hong Kong are seeking compensation for damages following the violation of copy-rights and many other rights.
Universal Entertainment Corporation Okada Manila Resort

Universal Entertainment Corporation’s First Quarter Financial Results

In its first-quarter financial statement, Universal Entertainment Corporation allegedly explained that their profit is $1.64 billion from net sales of $177.32 million. More so, they proclaimed that their casino-operating subsidiary; which aims to introduce a high-class VIP gambling area inside the Manila, saw earnings rise by 19%. This rise occurs quarter-on-quarter to stand at approximately $80.71 million though its operational losses reduced by 38% to approximately $12.78 million.
So, once the lawsuits and expansion of the Okada Manila casino come to an end, Aussies can expect exciting new online casino games to hit the market.