A Gambler May Lose His Wife Over a Manchester Derby Bet

Two men from Tanzania decided to make a bet on the Manchester Derby. This was no innocent bet which may involve one buying beers for the other or even washing the other’s car. These two men decided to get their wives involved.
Both of them pledged that if they lose their bet, they will hand over their wives to the other for one week. This bet has been making the rounds on social media. We, however, don’t know how authentic this hand-written wager between two friends is.

gamblers use wives as prizes on the outcome of the Manchester derby

Manchester Derby Bet

The Manchester Derby took place on Saturday night. The game was between Manchester United and Manchester City.
The news about this wager was published by Nairobi News. It was reported that the two men named Amani Stanley, who is the Manchester City fan and Shilla Tony, the Manchester United fan, wrote the pledge and signed before the match took place. In the written wager, they don’t mention the wives’ names.
Manchester United has won the derby 3-2, and it seems that Amani will have to hand over his wife to Shilla. As far as the pledge goes, there is no mention of whether the wives know about it. However, there is a high chance that they don’t know.

Other Unusual Wagers

This is not the first and certainly not the last time we will hear of such bets. In the past, there have been other people who have risked their items including their homes and wives.
For example, Ashley Revell bet everything in his name on the roulette table in Las Vegas. He wagered his life savings and home in England. Luckily for him, he won the wager.
Another example is of the Russian poker player Andrei Karpov. He was playing a poker game against Sergey Brodov and decided to include his wife in the stakes. Unfortunately for him, he lost, and in the turn of events, his now ex-wife ended up marrying Sergey.
Gambling is an entertaining activity and can be fun when done responsibly. We encourage players to not wager on personal things or people and instead walk away when their bankroll for gambling is finished.