April Sees Stricter Gambling Advertisement Rules Hit Australia

If you thought that Australia was strict when it came to gambling advertising before, well it looks like the reigns are about to be tightened even more this April.
Reported in a press release from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), broadcasted gambling advertisements rules are going to be far stricter from March the 30th.

April gambling advertising in Australia

Tough Gambling Advertising Restrictions from April

From March 30th and the beginning of April, gambling advertisements will be banned from all Australian broadcast between 5:00 AM and 8:30 PM. This means that no gambling advertisements will be allowed to be aired on television, radio or even pay TV between these hours. These rules were put into place so that Australians could protect their children being exposed to gambling.
According to Senator Mitch Fifield, the Minister for Communications and the Arts, from April onward, parents and guardians will no longer have to worry about their children being exposed to gambling promotions during the live broadcasting of sporting events.

Online Gambling Advertisement Rules Soon to Follow

If all goes as planned, it is said that it will not be necessary to change Australian gambling laws to regulate advertising. The gambling authority will be the ones that monitor the broadcasts. Further, the authority may even review the effectiveness of these new rules after a year. More so, it looks as if these same gambling advertising rules are going to be implemented for online content service providers.
After these new April restrictions come into play, the ACMA will be consulting with stakeholders to start drafting new online rules.
InternetPokies.org will keep you updated throughout the implementation of these new restrictions. Without a doubt, the restrictions are bound to be met with resistance, and further gambling news stories will arise. So, stay tuned to InternetPokies.org for all the latest trending stories and gambling news.