Gaelic Athletic Association to ban gambling sponsorship contracts

The Gaelic Athletic Association voted to ban sponsorships from gambling businesses at their annual congress in Croke Park. They vote that any sponsorship from a betting firm of any opposition, team, game gear and the facility should be forbidden. The vote was supported by 93% of the 270 voting representatives. GAA of Connacht, Mick Rock furthered the motion and talking before the vote and claimed that sport, in general, is overwhelmed by gambling. Moreover, this voting will help enhance the ethical standing of the Gaelic Athletic Association in Irish life and also protect the integrity of the games.

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Gaelic Athletic Association – updates from Congress 2018

The vote will not have any major instant impact on any of the inter-country teams. Currently, there is no country with a major a bookmaker as a sponsor. However, Armagh has a business deal with Boylesports, which appears like its going to end after the motion pass.

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Gambling is now seen as an increasing delinquent for GAA gamers. The GPA spokesman, Alan Kerins has exposed that of the 77 gamers who demanded counseling services in the past year, 15 percent of the players had gambling-related issues. Oisín McConville, Former Armagh footballer spoke about his gambling addiction last year and also supports the motion in the build. He thinks that the GAA is trying to get help for the players suffering from gambling addiction.  They are actually taking a stand and doing something about problem gambling.
When you take a look at the Premier League, the betting sponsorship came in and it did not bring influence. However, it managed to build momentum with time. This is one of the best things that the GAA is going for. It is one of the best changes that the association is going for. Players with game problems should get help.