Tasmanian Liberals Promise to Leave Pokies at Pubs and Clubs

Elections are happening in March, and it may seem that candidates that are in the running are doing everything they can to wow voters. The Tasmanian Liberals is vowing not to remove the pokies that are currently at many pub and clubs in Tasmania.  They are pushing against the Tasmanian Labor Party which wants to do the opposite.
According to Premier Will Hodgman, gambling is a legal gaming activity, and they want to allow Tasmanians to decide to partake in this activity. He also said that they don’t want a party that dictates to their people on what they can and can’t do.

political parties are locking heads about Tasmanian pub pokies

Tasmanian Labor Party’s Push to Remove the Pokies

In December last year, the Labor Party made it official that they intend n banning the pokies at clubs and pubs in the province.
At the moment the Federal Group are the only company that has a license to offer pokies outside the local casinos. Their license expires in 2023, and the ruling Party was planning to put out a tender to find a replacement. However, the Tasmania Green Party had challenged the Liberal Party, which is the ruling party, to declare their what they plan to do about the pokies.
Initially, they wanted to reduce the number, however, decided to ban them completely come 2023. Their plan will only follow through should they win votes come the March election.

The Gambling Issue in Tasmania

The issue of gambling in this province is a touchy subject. Should the Labor Party win and follows through with their plan this will affect thousands of jobs. However, in an attempt to also keep the option of not winning the election, the Liberals are suggesting to not make the Federal Group the only company with a license.
Their suggestion is to allow the clubs and pubs to have their license to end the monopoly business happening with gambling. The Federal Group run the casinos, keno and pokies in Tasmania.
If the Liberals win the elections and follow through with their plans, Tasmania will be the second province to be clubs and pubs pokies-free.