New Year’s Eve in Sydney Worth the Money

Just like they have done every year, the celebrations along with an epic fireworks display, was nothing less than amazing this year. The New Year’s Eve festivities brought with it an atmosphere that was exciting and optimistic. However, as we all know, nothing comes for free. In fact, the celebrations cost the city council a whopping AU$7 million. Clover Moore, Sydney’s Lord Mayor, claims that the money was well spent and it should be considered as the council’s gift to the city.

Sydney New Year's Eve Fireworks

New Year’s Eve Festivities

Moore stated that the event was an absolute success. Additionally, she mentions that it was worth around AU$130 million to the local economy. She further mentions that the money spent was an excellent investment as it provides a way for the community to come together and celebrate a moment in their lives.
Crowds swarmed in by the masses, to the Sydney harbour. With a sigh of relief, it can be said that for the most part, everyone was well behaved, thanks to the large police presence.

Crowds on New Year’s Eve

It is estimated that over a million people made their way to the city centre. Due to the sheer size of the crowd, the New South Wales Police send thousands of officers to patrol every corner of the CBD.
The event was so huge that roads were closed and people had to pass a serious of barricades and checkpoints in the lead up to the cities brilliant midnight fireworks display.

Sydney Safe on New Year’s Eve

Horse-mounted police, riot squads as well as canine units were all present at the New Year’s event. This was put in place as a deterrent to both terrorist attacks and anti-social behaviour.
By the time it hit 2 am in the city, the police had made seven arrests on the grounds of assaulting officers. More so, another six arrests were made for offences such as fighting.
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